At least 6 dead in random, serial shootings in Kalamazoo

Reports still coming in. Shooter at large, described as an older white male, dark car being sought, at least 3 critically injured. Suspect not in custody.

Suspect in custody. White male in his 50s, apparently killed four at a Cracker Barrel restaurant and another two at a nearby KIA dealership. Apparently all at random.

A 14-year-old girl is the 7th fatality.

This article says the girl is alive, so that is a small mercy.

She’s gravely wounded, which is probably the confusion. Unfortunately, she’s still right on the edge.

“Suspect appears to be an Uber driver.”

The man suspected of shooting eight people in the Kalamazoo area, killing six, was an Uber driver who was apparently taking fares in between opening fire at various locations, police tell 24 Hour News 8.

Authorities are investigating reports that Jason Dalton dropped off a group of people at a Fairfield Inn Marriott in Texas Township, then went next door to the Cracker Barrel and allegedly opened fired on two vehicles, killing four people.

This was a thoroughly Lynchian shooting spree.

Obligatory “good guy with a gun” etc. Surprised NRA hasn’t defensively called out that this will be used as another attempt to take away everyone’s guns.

The NRA has learned that they need to wait 24-48 hours before they start squawking. It’ll happen this evening.

Well, if that car full of seniors and a 14 year old girl would have had guns. None of this would have happened.

Yeah, I’ve never heard of a workplace shooter or school shooter taking time out from a deadly assault to work on some reports. So weird.