At least Civilization VI isn't getting a battle pass

At least Civilization VI isn’t getting a battle pass 2K Games and Firaxis are releasing months-long DLC plan for Civilization VI. The New Frontier Pass, launching on May 21st, will kick off a content schedule that extends to March of next year. It starts with the addition of the Maya and Gran Colombia civs in the first drop and continues until owners of the pass get eight total new civs, six new game modes, and a host of new buildings, map resources, and other goodies. There are even free updates that will benefit non-owners as well. There are no plans to make the individual content updates available separately. Check out Tom’s review of Civilization VI here.

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This appears to suggest that “Civ VII: We Forget the Last Two Versions Ever Existed” is probably not going to happen, at least any time soon.

Do we not like 5 and 6? I thought 5 was pretty solid, and I’ve been playing a lot of 6 MP with some friends.

3 is probably still my favorite since the original, but I haven’t had any major problems with any of them. I also haven’t spent a ton of time with 5 or 6 though.

In an interview at the lead developer explicitly states the DLCs will be available to purchase individually

I can play 5 and get some enjoyment out of it, but the 1UPT decision really derailed this series. Civ 6 is just a full-on steaming mess to me, even now, many iterations in.

Civ 4 remains the pinnacle of the series as far as I’m concerned.

Live from Firaxis headquarters:

I think the biggest problem is not 1UPT on its own, but how the AI is incapable of handling units. Which was never different, but now it has to handle way more units (as far as movement is concerned) - so the problem gets worse and worse.

At least I had a lot of fun with Civ5 when playing with some friends, while playing against AI was just a truly sad display.

Of course, it also makes it annoying af for the player to move all those units around…

Civ6 was dead to me the moment they showed the diplomacy screen with all that space wasted for nonsensical animations instead of, oh, idk, maybe showing relevant information. A design like that speaks volumes about where focus is put in a project.

No doubt about it.

Yep, that’s probably a better way to phrase it. 1UPT leaves the AI completely baffled.

And warts and all, I have had some enjoyment from Civ5, but it’s a sort of dumb fun really. A race to see how easily I can pound the dumb computer AI. Maybe in MP it’s more satisfying.

Ah, I always thought 1UPT was a strange design decision, but have never really looked at it as much more than an annoyance – but mostly I’m playing with live people, so I haven’t paid much attention to the AI. That’s interesting.

Maybe I should fire 4 up again. I don’t think I spent much time with it – I wasn’t doing a lot of gaming when it came out and it kinda got overlooked.

With Old World out this news is greeted by me at least with complete indifference.

You inspired me to try this, but I couldn’t get my copy to run on Windows 10, probably because I don’t know what I’m doing.