At Least Eight Crushed to Death at Astroworld

Jeezus, this looks like a complete debacle on the organizer’s side. Security is completely overwhelmed, and there are medic accounts that are horrific.

Looks like a real shitshow, but really security can’t do much if a crowd decides to do something.

A big dude can stop a couple people’s nonsense. Not so much a crowd of a hundred or more.

What a bizarre incident.

Them not even pausing the show while EMTs went in is very iffy though.

Ya think. That was my first thought while reading the story. The guy on stage just temporarily stopped then moved on.

NYTimes links this short reddit video. Some young guy tries to get the camera guy’s attention saying people are dying and the concertgoers are booing him.

Was this a political or religious event? Honest question, because I’m confused at how this belongs in P&R.

I think it was just a concert?

Newsworthy current events tend to find their way into P&R, even if they’re not necessarily political or religious.

Also, TIL that Travis Scott is not a country music singer.

-Tom, old white guy

With a name like that he should be a CW singer.

I read Astroworld and thought it was about my favorite theme park in Houston.

Dead range from age 14 to 27.

The Astroworld festival is related to the park.

See, now it’s political.

IU won the basketball tournament my senior year. I was in a crowd where it was crazy, but not as bad as this.

It’s surreal. I was a healthy 6’ 21 year old male and there was no doubt that I had zero control. It was so jammed, I was lifted off my feet slightly and went up and down the steps at Showalter fountain without touching the ground. Not a ton of steps, 2 groups of 3 steps, but the power of the mob was memorable.

If someone had fallen it would’ve been dire.

I’ve read needlestick urban legends before.