AT&T Fiber Internet Outage

I know it doesn’t help you today, but I just switched the other way, and holy smokes the Spectrum internet+mobile deal is great! From $100 a month for Google Fi (which also sucks) and 60 a month for ATT with the shit modem, I’m paying 60/month for everything.

Yeah, I was happy with Spectrum before, but unfortunately some jagoff drove a tall vehicle past my house and it snapped the coax line that was hanging over the street. If I wanted to go back to Spectrum they would have to fix the line connection from street to house.

That sucks. I’ve also been really impressed with their support, two or three phone calls and one chat session, I get connected quickly, the person is completely competent and fixes/handles the issue, and is polite and professional.

Yes, when I had an outage last with Spectrum. The tech went through all the normal stuff about restarting etc. I said I had did that, and they believed me right away, and then said they would try to communicate with my modem and it turns out there was an issue with my modem (I owned) and an update to their network, they fixed it over the phone. (I suspect it was because I own my own modem, and their network policy update did not like that)

That is the only outage I had with them, and it was resolved within hours. We had them back at the apartment we moved from, and there was only one outage there, but that was fixed the next morning.

Someone on my local subreddit said that when they got AT&T service, the Tech said they came from another city, as there weren’t enough service techs in the area to perform the fix.

I suspect that they had someone local drive by, locate the source of the outage (line cut over a road) and then couldn’t fix it as they weren’t equipped to fix an issue like this, or didn’t have the part. So now they have to bring someone out. The CSR’s kept reporting over the phone that it was “being worked on right now”, despite me not seeing any trucks in the area.

I am not holding my breath that they get this done today either. I have a WoW raid tonight that is gonna have to rely on the 15gb I have left on my hotspot.

I’m not sure how things work were you live, but when I lost the wire from across the street to my house, due to a truck, snapping the cable, the guy drove out the next morning and fixed it. I’ve got Verizon fiber, but if I had more than 48 hours of no Internet, I would’ve had Spectrum out here installing the next day. There’s no contract with them and it’s usually super quick. Getting a guy to run a new cable from across the street should be just a normal appointment.

They quoted 6 days out for a tech to repair the line.

AT&T fiber does not have proper support.

But for Spectrum to run a new coax across the street? Should take an hour or so.

This thread reminded me to cancel my ATT at the old house, thanks!

My cable company is installing 1 gig fiber on Sunday. Now I’m scared. It’s not ATT so there is that. They are doing a promo to get people to switch so the 1 gig is like 45 a month cheaper than what I was paying for 300. Yes please. ;)

I mean, that is why I switched from my reliable spectrum connection.

1 gig vs 300 mbps

Same price, free installation and a 150$ visa gift card? Hard to turn that offer down.

Believe me, they do not. Nobody has enough fiber techs right now(anyone know any? message me :) ). You should see what is happening on the business side. Still bad delays in materials and major shortage of labor.

Wait, you’re still not back up?!? That’s some serious bullshit.

Oh no.

They got us back up Tues evening after labor day.

Whew. Ok, I misunderstood your post. Glad you’re back up!

Every time I see this thread, I read it as “AT&T Fiber Internet Outrage”.

Well got my 1 gig installed today. So far it’s flying, but there is one thing I don’t like. It’s a gateway and the only way to access anything is to go through their website. I don’t do any power usage so it shouldn’t matter much, but I don’t like not having control. Right now I can’t even access it from the website as I’m assuming it still needs to register. So if I wanted to change the password I would have to call support. That’s nutty.

I don’t know how AT&T works, but w/ Verizon FiOS you can use your own router if you patch it into the ONT. I don’t know if that’s officially supported, but it’s simple enough.

The Att we have, they provided a gateway/router but I have full access to change anything I want on it.

Ya no I was able to login to it this morning and I can change the password and do port forwarding and change private ip settings. Thank god I’m not a power user. Apparently you can call them and they will switch it to bypass and then I could use my own router, but meh I’ll just leave it for now. I can’t even see what dumb settings they have applied.

My speed test yesterday was 940 down 947 up so I won’t shed too many tears. ;) I was able to easily connect every device in the house so I’m probably just looking for an issue that really isn’t an issue.

Bridge mode is supported, but they will not do any troubleshooting for the router. they will confirm if the ONT is working properly or not, rest up to you. Fine for people who understand it.

caveat: when changing routers always release the DHCP lease … otherwise you have to call them for a manual release, I’ve had to do it a few times