AT&T U-Verse?

Am I an idiot for switching to U-Verse from Cox? Does anyone current have U-Verse? What are your thoughts? Is the Internet fast? Faster? A piece of shit.

I’m getting approximately 15mb and a ping in the 70s for online games I play with Cox. Maybe one down time per year. No real problems.

Pretty sure we had this discussion last year sometime.

I’m happy with it. Get reliable 15mb down and 1.5mb up, more HD channels, free long distance, and a good DVR. Others have complained about crappy installers.

I switched from Time Warner back when they were planning to institute bandwidth caps for our area and TWC’s service is legendarily awful anyway. Sounds like you have less reason to switch - your Internet bandwidth should be the same though if that is your main worry.

I have Max Plus, which is 18 down. It usually maxes out around 16 or so (never seen it download anything faster than 16.5) and I’m not entirely sure about the upstream. Pings were excellent through though. Gaming is solid. No complaints.

One nifty benefit is that they discount the monthly price by $5 if you have wireless service with them (note: they won’t even mention this to you, but if you bring it up they’ll suddenly “remember” they offer this discount). So I only pay $50 a month.

I have it and enjoy the internet service. I only pay for 6 megs, but for me it was an upgrade from an unreliable 1.5m dsl connection so i’m still basking in my newfound bandwidth. I find servers with pings in the mid 40’s regularly.

I have issues with the TV service right now though. Their cisco dvr box will randomly stop outputting signal for 1-5 seconds, around 1-3 times per hour.

I have been wanting to try U-Verse for awhile but it’s still not available off my street yet. Looks like it would be cheaper and better than Cox, but outside of price I have no complaints after 10 years with them.

Would be nervous giving up the rock solid internet line though.

I’m in Oceanside and have the Cox bundle. In my opinion it would be pretty hard to beat; let me know after a while what you feel.

70ms ping to servers in your same city? If so that sucks. I get around 15-20ms to Chicago servers on cheap ATT DSL. The only places I ping 70 or higher are on the west coast from Chicago.

I’ll be switching to U-Verse this weekend, but only for my internet connection.

I find it curious that AT&T offers DSL through two different business units.

If 15ms vs 70ms ping times are important to you (aka you play shooters at some insane competitive level) then avoid U-Verse, as you’ll get minimum 50-80ms pings everywhere thanks to how the signal traverses between the head and your network.

I’ve never had an issue with online games, but I’m not a shooter maven either.

From another discussion board on the subject, posted by a U-Verse tech:

RE: Latency. U-Verse is an interleaved product. Ping times don’t get better than 60 or 70 on this, with pings in the 80’s to 90’s normal. You can read about the interleaving bitch fest on Interleaving will raise your pings. Some gamers swear they can tell a difference between 30 and 70 milliseconds. If you’re one of them, U-Verse is not for you. There’s no way to turn it off, it’s not possible, this may be a deal killer for you. Going back to ADSL after switching to U-Verse is almost impossible as well.

I switched to Uverse from Charter Cable about six months ago. I’m extremely happy. My ping times did go up a bit, but not to the point of degrading performance in MMO’s. I don’t play online shooters.

What did degrade performance was Charter’s system reliability. They spent a year trying to fix whatever was causing downtime almost evey day in my neighborhood, and they never got it right. What a fustercluck that company is.

Also, ATT carries my favorite news network (MSNBC) in HD. Charter didn’t :)

I just pinged on my uverse connection and got 40ms.

My latency reports in at 30 to the Austin test server. So no, that can’t be accurate across all U-Verse connections.

Yeah I have no REAL reason to switch from Cox. It’s just a curiosity I guess.

The possible con man that was combing the neighborhood said it was faster/better/newer/higher tech and NOT a SHARED connection like what Cox uses.

It sounds about the same. MOAR Channels, DVR, and a few bucks cheaper is a better reason to make the switch then.

the shared aspect of cable connections is only relevant if you’re area has a high enough saturation of active users to degrade your experience. If you set the wayback machine for 2000-2001 when I was doing call center work for the then-at&t @home cable internet network, we had areas where nodes that were supposed to support 250 customers had over 5000 on them. This was a big problem in areas like college towns, where more users were active and using bandwidth. We’d regularly get complaints of download speeds in the 10-15k max range in those kind of oversold areas. I suspect now with more broadband options and better infrastructure across the board you don’t see many issues in that area anymore.

I know that the U-Verse DVR is actually based on Microsoft’s mediaroom software, same sort of stuff as Media Center in Vista/Win7. Not sure how it actually runs in the real world though.

Dude, a Qt3’er in the same City. That is a first.

If the connection is worse in anyway I’m switching back post-haste. Although the feedback here has been pretty positive.

Cool cool! (See also Coca Cola Zero; pretty sure he’s an Osider.)

I just’d my Cox cable connection:
9.30 Mb down
7.95 Mb up
80ms ping

Even with Comcast constant in the running for worst company in America, I am hard pressed to complain:

I found plenty of reasons to complain when I had Comcast. We’re on U-Verse now and it’s been nothing but great.

Not bad Lionel, I say take whatever works best.