Atari Death Watch: Infogrames Sees 24% Drop in Revenues


I wanted to play Moonbase Commander after seeing it praised in the wife-gaming thread. Then I found I’d have to order a $3 CD from Amazon. Direct downloading of old games will save atari! Or not.

Whatever happened to those plans to put the Atari catalog on Steam? I’d heard there were some minor kinks they were working out, but it’s been ages now.

Moonbase Commander is on GameTap.

I just hope some of the decent IP they hold gets aired. I used to love my atari800 by the way, how the mighty can fall?

Atari/infrogrames released fewer games and revenues dropped. Not a surprise.

I wish Infogrames would see a 100% drop in the letter “r”. It would help a lot.

I guess they’re having trouble harnessing the power of imagination?

lol no kidding

I don’t know about you guys, but I think part of their problem is that they have turned the Atari logo into a major red flag for consumers. The brand is completely and utterly tarnished.




Lyon – France, April 5th 2007 – Infogrames Entertainment announces today that at a meeting held on April 4th 2007, the Board appointed Patrick Leleu Chairman and CEO of the Group following the departure of Bruno Bonnell, founder and Chairman of the company. Bruno Bonnell leaves his positions as Chairman, CEO and Director of Infogrames Entertainment and he also leaves all his positions within Atari, Inc. and the Infogrames group of companies.

Over the last years, Infogrames has implemented a global debt restructuring plan which successfully ended on March 2007, allowing the group to strengthen its financial structure and redevelop its business. The Board of directors and Bruno Bonnell have agreed to take this opportunity to launch new dynamics of change for the group.

Bruno Bonnell stated: « It is with understandable emotions, but also reassured about its future, that I leave Infogrames after 24 years spent to build this group with the support of all its teams. Together, we have been able to show its strength and capacity to innovate, even in the worst situations. Time for business developers has logically come, after the entrepreneurial period. It’s now time for Infogrames to conquer and progress on a market as promising as interactive entertainment business”.

The Board wants to pay tribute to the determination of the founder of Infogrames, who, with his entrepreneurial skills and his exceptional vision of the industry, allowed Infogrames to become one of the worldwide leading players within the video gaming industry.

A director of Infogrames since January 2007, Patrick Leleu was previously the CEO of Bouygues Telecom between 1994 and 2001 and then Chairman and CEO of Noos (a cable network operator) between 2001 and 2005. His ability to develop companies on fast-moving markets and his unique experience within mass-market products and digital entertainment will be key credentials for Infogrames.

Patrick Leleu, the new Chairman and CEO of Infogrames, comments: « I want to thank the Board to put its trust in me. I am convinced that Infogrames holds the assets, talents and teams to get back into the industrial competition and recover its dynamics of growth».


Atari has been synonymous with shit for two decades. Buying the Atari brand name and putting it on your videogame products is on a level with making Jack-in-the-Box sanitary wipes or Quicken - Enron Edition.

Just take a look at their website:

When the two featured games on your site are Silverfall and Test Drive: Unlimited, its obvious what is causing your money problems. The only major release they had last year was NWN2, and that got a pretty luke warm reception. Its pretty hard to turn a profit when you’re a publisher without any games to sell.

Thanks for the update.

Brad Wardell I know you’re out there. Please tell me this means getting the rights to Master of Magic will be easier? Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.

Probably harder since they will lean harder on selling ip to make money than make games. However I’ve read that someone just buying Atari from Infogrames seems very likely at this point, maybe the new owner would be more willing to sell or lean out IP.

I’m hoping the latter. It is just a name after all. I can understand the pros and cons of using the old brand names but I hate to see a good title or two fade out completely.

I’d like to see Atari 7800 and Atari 800 games on the Wii Virtual console…or any place for that matter. No 2600 games though. They have been done to death.

I’ve seen the new Alone in the Dark a couple times, and it’s looking pretty sweet. I hope that either Atari can limp along long enough to release it, or barring that sell the game to someone like Ubisoft.

Atari is saved! They discovered the internet ;)