Atari, This Price Cut Thing, Actually True?

Atari apparently is bailing water at a frantic rate at the moment. With the business in serious financial trouble again, the company announced that they’re it is slashing all their game prices, on all formats, to $20 in North America.

Saw this posted at Beyond3D. It seems unbelievable.


I’m really wondering what is up at Atari. They seemed like they were on the brink, then they sold some games, delayed some games to give them more time to develop, Atari even laid out some cash to buy the rights to Earhworm Jim. Their stock was going back up and last week looked like it was going break $1. Now, bam, they are in trouble again.

That news was from yesterday, I looked at all the online sites today and none of them have dropped priceses yet. hmmm…

Interesting strategy. Don’t know if it’ll work at all, but I will say this, I bought a ton of Xbox titles that launched at $20, Phantom Dust, Dai Senryaku, the entire ESPN 2k5 lineup, and a bunch more once they dropped to $20, but I only bought 2 games at full $50 retail, KOTOR and Halo 2.

I don’t even see $20 prices on their own website. I was all excited for the above at $20.

Try looking here.

So, not only the price point, but also apparently the whole catalog on Steam.

Of all their lineup though all I’m really interested in is Dragonshard (which was due to hit budget prices a while ago anyway) and Indigo Prophecy. Maybe the reason Atari has problems is because Driv3r and Scrabble don’t make a compelling portfolio.

Obsidian has cut the DM client from the initial release of NWN2, but have promised to include it eventually. If Atari fails, how likely is this?


Wow, from loking at their online catalog, there’s darn little that’s not budget-priced already. Getting Up, Driver Parallel Lines, and Path of Neo are the only ones that look particularly recent.

I will buy nwn2 for the solocampaign anyway… that gm thingie isnt that important to me as i am a gm for d&d anyway…

One can only hope it is as good as the solo campaign in the first one…


That shouldn’t be hard. Even Obsidian should be able to pull it off!

Wow, they’re releasing NWN2 without the DM client? I guess it never really met its potential as a multiplayer game.

Not that I didn’t love NWN, some of the user-created modules were amazing, but the original game concept set its sights WAY above than a RPG construction set.

Their reasoning is that since so few people use the DM client (relatively) that they need to focus on the SP to bring in new players.

But the DM client is used by a lot of people to test and run their modules, so a toolkit/construction set without takes away a lot of the incentive to create the modules for some people.

My wife - a huge NWN fanatic - is seething at this decision. The ability to run a campaign with custom content is entirely the point of the original NWN, and, like you say, saw the game as more than just a sandbox construction set.


If Tycoon City is $20 over steam I would pick it up in a heart beat.

Boy, you’re not kidding. What an awful catalog. Some high ranking Atari exec must have realized he was working for a budget software house and acted accordingly.

The list of games they showed at E3 is equally uninspiring. Looks like they’re betting it all on black with NWN2.

D&D Tactics could be good, but it’s PSP. Dragonshard is on my list for budget buying. The rest of that catalog really is awful.

EARworm Jim? I’d buy that for $20.

Yeah that kind of thing looks kick ass to me. Enough to make me buy a PSP if its good enough.


I think Test Drive Unlimited ranks higher at atari than NWN2.

Hmmm, I might get ToEE, having missed it the first time around, but I can also probably find it in the local bargain bins.

It’s nice to see Steam gaining, uh, steam, but I don’t think they really ought to be a dumping ground for weak catalogs either…

Since there is currently no videogame equivalent to hardcore pornography they’ll have to gain momentum the hard way.