Athens 2004

Anyone been playing this? I’m thinking about picking it up, partly because I’m kinda liking the idea of a return to some good old-fashioned Track & Field/Hyper Sports-style button-mashing…

I don’t think any home console will ever be able to replicate the feel of pounding on an arcade cabinet, but if you want classic Track & Field, there’s always Hamtaro Ham-Ham Games for the GBA. No, I’m not kidding. There are 15 events, and they don’t rely on slapping buttons quickly, only timed presses. Though if you have a DDR pad Athens 2004 might be more better since you won’t have to pound tiny buttons. But I’m not sure how hard you have to punch a DDR pad before it registers, and you probably have to hit the buttons too fast to make actually using your feet a viable option.

I lost a considerable portion of skin on my thumb by playing one of those games on the Dreamcast. Some 2 square centimetres.