Athlon 64 motherboard recommendation?

Perhaps my GoogleFu is weak, but I can’t seem to find an up-to-date roundup of Athlon 64 motherboards.

Any of you hardware pros have a particular board you recommend? Looking to bust out my AthlonXP 2800+ and swap in a 64-bit 3400+. No SATA drives, but it never hurts to future proof. The only other onboard must-have is LAN, but I think they all pretty much cover that. I do not overclock, so I don’t need a board designed to squeeze an extra 10 FPS out of Quake.

I use the Asus K8V Deluxe, seems to work pretty well.

— Alan

Despite being very cheap, the SIS755 is probably slightly faster than the K8T800. The only motherboard I know of that uses it is the ECS 755-A2, but there might be others as well. Unfortunately they don’t sell ECS in Sweden anymore, otherwise I would probably have bought it.

If you have an NVidia card (or plan to get one of the new ones), Tech report has measured some performance gains using those cards on the NForce3 250Gb chipset.