Athlon 64 PCI Express mobos this summer?

Anyone know if there are any Athlon 64 PCI Express mobos coming out this summer?

With all this talk about Longhorn & 64-bitness, and with my plans to get a totally new system this summer, and with all the reports of Intel’s latest Prescotts getting their pants beat off by Athlon 64s (and not in any kind of Palahniuk* way, either, you sickos), it looks like an Athlon 64 PCI Express system might be both the best-performing and most future-proofed thing to get this summer.

Except in all the hubbub about Grantsdale etc., no one has mentioned AMD. Are there going to be any Athlon PCI Express mobos anytime soon? From who? (And for HUGE bonus points, will any of them be SFF systems?)


(* if you are wondering, see here)

Last I heard was Q3 at the earliest.