Athlon X2 compatibility question

It turns out I can’t just upgrade my video card to replace my dead one due to power supply inadequacy. Since I’m running a 2 year old Dell system anyway, that tends to point toward upgrade time for me.

However, money is a bit tight now. I’d planned on waiting about 6 months to upgrade, and moving up to an Athlon X2 system. I don’t mind spreading it out a bit (and paying the extra for an intermediate Athlon64 in the meantime), but I don’t understand the compatibility constraints on the X2 vs. the regular 64 vis. the motherboard. Is any socket 939 motherboard theoretically capable of running an X2 with a BIOS upgrade? When I look at NewEgg there’s a huge lack of X2 compatible boards listed on the search tool, but I figure maybe that’s just because of them entering/not entering marketing information for the boards, and only recent boards have mentioned it for the obvious reasons.

Any help/pointers much appreciated.

(Oh, also, while we’re at it, does the Athlon64 series have anything like HyperThreading? I’m not sure I can stand to go back to the days when a slow internet lookup would effectively freeze me out of my whole computer.)

Athlon 64 is the shiznit. I have a measly 3400+ that runs like a bat out of hell! Multitasking is not an issue. I d/l linux distros in the background while doing just about anything else I want to without any noticable slowdowns.

I’m not asking about multitasking really. The problem I’m talking about is when a thread that has priority stalls, it freezes the computer. For whatever reason, this seems to happen a lot in slow-to-contact websites. On my old XP 2700+ this would mean that I couldn’t do anything until that particular website acknowledged and the data stream started up. It may be due to bad software, but the fact is that the Intel series with HyperThreading through hardware design totally alleviated that problem whereas the old XPs didn’t.

Best thing I can recommend is to try it on someone else’s PC and see if it happens. It sure hasn’t happened to me.

I have been looking at exactly the same thing this weekend. I was much relieved when I found this article at Anandtech. Basically, all Socket 939 mobos are compatible with the X2 chips, but some will require a BIOS upgrade. I would expect that, in the near future, all currently available motherboards will have done so, but pages 4 and 5 in the article show a current compatibility list. Personally, I think I am going to stick with those that have already released an update. I would hate to get my new board only to find out it is the only model that doesn’t ever get one.

Yeah, if you just do the search for X2 compatible mobos at Newegg it doen’t bring up everything that has a bios update available.

I’ve been thinking about the same upgrade. My biggest concern is do you have to reinstall XP Pro so it can see 2 CPUs? I think you do…