ATI calls PS3 tragically unrefined

“Well, yeah, but the tragedy is that it is unrefined.”
Doesn’t tragically mean in a tragic manner? Isn’t a tragedy … tragic?

That’s a troublesome prospect because they’re already turning the PSP into a movie playback machine that, quasi by accident, can also play a few games. From a business perspective it makes sense – there are only trivial conversion costs for these movie disks, no production or porting costs, and Sony itself owns a bunch of movie rights anyway. But if that is indeed Sony’s plan the PS3 might be even weaker from a games perspective than the PSP. :(

It wasn’t all that different with the PS2’s Japanese launch, though – there was a fair number of titles available at launch, but only a couple of those were worth playing and a lot of folks ended up buying movie DVDs to take up the slack (DVD movie sales in Japan went from 1 million to 1.9 million in the month the PS2 came out). So it could go the way of the PSP, but it could just as easily be another PS2 situation where things just take a few months to get going on the games side.