ATI Drivers and Driver robot

What’s going on here?

I go to the ATI page to update my apparently outdated drivers. Clicking through the options to download, I get the option download a program called Driver Robot.

What this program apparently does is scan your computer for outdated drivers and offers to download all the latest for you in one neat batch. Unfortunately, to do so, you can sent to some registration page where they ask for your credit card or paypal info before they even let you download.

When did updating drivers cost be 30 bucks?

Go to the real ATi drivers page.

Your problem is you didn’t go to the proper ATI page but a fake one. is hardly legit and looks like a trojan/virus/phishing site.

Seriously. Dude, you fell for "“We Highly Recommend this Download.”?

ATI really should sue those guys for faking their identity. “PC Utility programs you can trust” my eye to have to offer itself under false pretenses.

Hope you had an up to date anti-virus scanner running!



While we are on the subject, I can’t seem to properly update my Catalyst drivers for my 4870 card. When I run the install it says it didn’t install properly and then I get a mom.implimentation error every time I start my PC. Everything seems to be working, but I’m still worried about it.

What’s the make on the card?

I had the same error message when I tried installing CCC on my W7 PC. Uninstalling CCC and installing just the drivers was the only way to fix it. I also recall having to manually go into the registry and deleting all references to CCC, but a driver cleaner-type app might do it for you.

Fuck CCC. I miss the old ATI CP.