ATI TV Wonder Pro destroys all it touches

Or something. I bought an ATI TV Wonder Pro. I installed it, following instructions on ATI’s website. I got as far as installing the device itself comfortably in a PCI slot (which I later swapped to another slot while troubleshooting), installed some DAO and MDAC thing as instructed, installed ATI’s TV Wonder Pro drivers which prompt a restart, and there my machine is rendered useless. It will boot up and make it to the Windows logon screen. If I’m quick, I can log in, but it will invariably hang in under 30 seconds. Whole system freezes solid, no BSOD or anything. I can boot and use the computer in safe mode, and if I use that to disable the device in the Device Manager I can use the PC that way, but any time I reactivate the TV Wonder Pro, it goes kablooie.

Any help? I looked a bit on some other forums and can’t yet find this exact problem reported, is it something more to do with my system than the tuner card maybe? Is this evidence of motherboard issues, power supply issues, etc?

It probably isn’t this, but: does your motherboard have hardware that uses n-force drivers?

You might consider reinstalling the latest versions of those and seeing if that helps. Just occasionally I have found older versions of them interfering with other hardware and causing Windows to lock the way you describe.

I had a similar problem with an Asus board that used a VIA chipset. Updating the drivers made it a little happier. And even though it appeared to be the video card locking things up, removing the Soundblaster card resolved the problem.

I’ve got an Asus board, so VIA drivers here, and onboard sound, no Soundblaster. Things seem to be working now, I just uninstalled everything on this computer that had anything to do with ATI, then reinstalled it all, and I don’t have any more hard lockups for now.

Anyone know of any good software for this card now, besides the stuff that ATI makes? I’ve heard good things about Snapstream, so with my second PC I’ll probably go that route and pick up one of their card/software bundles. I got DScaler, but I can’t seem to get audio to play.

The bottom line I’m getting from all the forums is that it appears to be a grave mistake to ever use ATI for any kind of VIVO product. I probably should’ve researched that more, but I got the card rather impulsively at Best Buy since I was exchanging some other stuff. Probably should’ve gone with a new Xbox game or two. Oh well, live and learn.

Dscalar rocks, but it is difficult to get audio set up right with the tuner. My solution is to run the audio from the VCR directly into the line-in on my soundcard and bypass dscalar. Of course this doesn’t help if you are using the coax input.