ATI: Using different OpenGL drivers with different games

I noticed in the PC games declining thread mouselock said this:

I have problems with KotOR and City of Heroes because getting one to work requires a video card driver that screws with the other. Chances are this is ATI’s fault, but that’s not important. What’s important is that two games I want to play conflict with each other.

There is a fairly easy way around this for OpenGL games. All you need to do is grab the ATIOGLXX.DL_ from the driver set that works with the game in question. Then use EXTRACT on it from a command prompt to uncompress it. The put it into the game’s exe directory. Then start the game you want to play. It will use the ATIOGLXX.DLL file that is in the games directory rather than the one in the system32 directory.

If you have an issue between a D3D and openGL game you can install the proper D3D driver and then throw the openGL driver into the game’s directory that you want to affect.

– Xaroc

Its GLQuake all over again!

I had to use the EXPAND command. Extract just coughed up a hairball.


Good catch.

– Xaroc