ATI x600 Pro driver crashes

My shiny new computer is plagued by a peculiar problem. ATI’s Catalyst drivers crash with rather suprising regularity. They do this after playing certain games for a little while, the length of time varying with the game. Morrowind craps out suprisingly quickly, Dawn of War takes longer, Civ IV takes longer still, perhaps half an hour to an hour. Some games (Source games, World of Warcraft, Homeworld 2) haven’t yet had this happen.

I’ve tried a number of versions of the Catalyst drivers. I started with version 5.9 (the newest when I got the thing) with the Control Center. The Catalyst Control Center has a feature that allows it to fairly gracefully recover the system if the driver crashes, though you still have to reboot to restart the driver. So far as I can tell, this isn’t available if you just install the driver without the Control Center, which is what I’ve done in later installs.

First I tried version 5.6, which didn’t help, and now I am running the newest version, 5.10, which also hasn’t helped. Without the Control Center, the game seems to lock up, but I can still switch back to the desktop in VGA mode, where a helpful window informs me my video driver has, indeed, crashed.

Here are my system specs, before I talk further:
AMD Athlon 64 3200+
MSI RX600 PCIE 128MB (ATI x600 Pro)
MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum (motherboard, nForce4 chipset)
Windows XP Pro SP2

One forum post I found suggested the card has issues with the nForce4 chipset as well as an Intel chipset, but only gave suggestions on working with the latter.

I’ve considered updating my BIOS, but that is such a miserable pain in the ass that I’d like to avoid it.

Any suggestions? At the moment I’m just waiting for the 5.11 drivers and hoping they fix something.

For those of you playing the home game, I updated my motherboard drivers, and the problem seems to have utterly vanished. As a bonus, the wonder videos in CivIV seem to have stopped stuttering. (This might be due to installing the Bink codec at more or less the same time for entirely different reasons – viz. I wanted to watch the Civ IV movies – and this might have somehow caused the in-game movies to play better, but I’m entirely clueless as to whether it was the mobo drivers or the codec that fixed the game.) It has also cured both world hunger and cancer, and given me a pony.