Atlus bought by Sega

After Sega pushed Rome Total War 2 out the door 12 months early… I have no hope.

Part of me is thinking that maybe it would have been a good thing if Microsoft bought Atlus. Gods know Microsoft needs a toehold in Japan, and with the US as Microsoft’s specific target market, I don’t see a reason why Microsoft will not allow Atlus USA to just keep pumping localizations of Atlus games even if exclusive for the Xbone.

I think the gnashing of teeth would have been much worse with Microsoft- as Japan-centric games on a Microsoft system is a recipe for disaster.

That said, I don’t think there would have been anyone folks would have been satisfied with- Sega might just be the least bad option.

The nice thing about creativity and with crowd funding. If Sega don’t work out, there is nothing stopping those creative blokes from stepping out and create an independent studio and starting a new IP. They can call one of those Etrain Odyssey. I’ll pre-order.
I’ll also order Water Emblem. Even if they still keep missing their feet.

True that when it comes to the EO gaming style. However, MegaTen games do have a lot of mythology and history which makes it hard to leave behind.

There’s your reason. I certainly don’t want Shin Megami Tensei retooled into a squad-based shooter or a Kinect game.

Okay, scratch that: I probably would play a Shin Megami Tensei squad-based shooter, if it were a spinoff of Strange Journey rather than them trying to bill it as a main-series game.

Hey, Nintendo’s not going to stop releasing Fire Emblem games. You’ll probably continue to get them in the west, even.

Doh, I meant Persona 5. I loved P4, one of my favorite JRPGs of all time - ALMOST got a Vita for it (and when/if I do get one, it will be the first game I purchase!).

But yeah, a Persona 5 on the Vita will likely sell a few systems.

Awakening was supposed to be Fire Emblem’s swan song considering its historically low sales compared to other other franchises, until the surprisingly strong sales saved the franchise for further releases. Not all Fire Emblem games were localized, there are still several which never saw the light of day in the west. Heroes of Light and Shadows comes foremost to mind.

I agree P5 is going to be a system seller. The Vita got a nice sales bump when P4 Golden was released. Considering P5 is going to be a brand new game not a remix, port, or refreshed version, the demand for it is going to be even higher than P4 Golden, Sony better pray that P5 does get released for the Vita instead of the 3DS.

At this point, I think the Persona name is probably the most valuable in JRPG land, it’s surpassed what FF currently is.

As a fan of Valkyria chronicles, i’d just like to say that Sega can go fuck themselves.

Sales speak a very different tale, Alstein.

Final Fantasy sells better than Persona.
Kingdom Hearts sells better than Persona.
Dragon Quest sells better in Japan alone than Persona does worldwide.
Ditto for Monster Hunter.
Pokémon moves more units with a single entry than Persona could ever hope to move with five.

I like Persona, but let’s not oversell it here. Persona 4 Golden definitely sold better than Sega’s own efforts, like 7th Dragon or the last Shining game, but it’s not by any means “the most valuable name in JRPG land.”

The sales could possibly have been affected by the fact that Persona is rated M. But yeah, in terms of popularity those franchises have a much more wider appeal than Persona.

+1, I’m afraid.

The statement from Atlus’ President on the acquisition doesn’t shed too much light on what will actually happen.

They do BUT Final Fantasy XIII was a big disappointment judging from the internet/fans and that showed in lower sales for XIII-2. Anticipation doesn’t seem to be as high for the next one. And Dragon Quest unfortunately went to an online game for the latest iteration.

So that leaves Persona in a good position considering the games have done better with each release and Golden did relatively well and it was “just” a port. So it’s no blockbuster but it’s very solid and I can’t think of any Sega developed games that have been recently.

FFXIV proves the FF name still has good value , the issue is with FFXIII series specifically. (some would argue that the problem goes beyond that)

Hm? How many players does FF XIV have? How much money have they blown on it?

Never forget.

Also, keep in mind this board is not exactly known for being big jrpg fans. Just because you loved persona, does not mean it was the best in Japan. It would be kind of like reviewing halo in Japan.

I do consider myself a big jrpg fan and I did really like persona, but I don’t think I would give it the jrpg crown just yet. Final fantasy 15 does look really good, even if 13 wasn’t.

My favorite semi recent jrpg was probably Xenoblade though.

Feel free to bring over Yakuza 5 any time now SEGA.