ATOM RPG - The Fallout everyone wanted


BTW - Any perk tips? Fast Hands for -1 AP for pistols and Eagle Eye for +50% critical chance with rifles seem to be the standouts, but involve going down separate trees.


Yes, the MOST important one you are ever going to get. For reasons that are not entirely clear, there is absolutely no way to cure addiction other than ‘waiting it out’ more or less. Since it has adverse stat effects that sort of sucks.

The problem comes in that any chems you use, even Stimpaks, you can get the negative effects of addiction. There is no drug in game to remove addiction, you either have to visit a hospital or simply wait. You also seem to become addicted rather quickly. However! In the perk tree on the ‘north branch’ one of the final perks removes any form of habit forming from stims / drugs.

Can’t advise strongly enough how useful that is for obvious reasons, not just the healing but you can ‘juice up’ on multiple chems and become quite a force to be reckoned with not having to worry about the nasty consequences afterwards.

That being said, I have a love / hate relationship with this game. It feels so ‘almost’ for me but it is just missing that little thing that is nudging it into really wanting to play. The writing and particularly since its an Eastern European developer is rather good.

But the interface / game world / skills have a certain amount of EE euro-jank that is off putting to me. shrug


I’ve seen an online guide that says Think Like the Enemy is great.

How long does it take to wait out addiction?


Ive found it takes about 24 to 48 hours. The horrible thing is you can’t just pass time, you end up having to travel while you withdrawal. I found you can rent a room for 8 hours at a time too OR you can rest 12 hours before your hit the withdrawal state. that knock your time having to run around the map a little… :)


There is a drug to cure withdrawal but its pretty expensive to buy early on.

One thing to be aware of is that caravan sellers list of wares is level dependent - the automatic weapons with burst fire option don’t appear until you are few levels in like 6-7.

Vendors stock also appears to be restored every 3-4 days.

Also when healing companions you can amusingly put food in your equip slots and attack your companion to heal them - this also works with any stat enhancing items.


Thanks. That’s not quite as bad as I had feared after getting addicted.


I don’t know why but I LOLed when I read this! Can you do this when in combat? :)


Probably, though I haven’t tried it myself. If items cannot be used in combat it says so in the description.


There are no adverse effects for addiction I think, only withdrawal? I went several in-game days with no issues just pumping myself full of stimpaks every once in a while to keep withdrawal away.


You can pass time. Open map and look for rest option in top left corner.

Sorry for multi reply spam, I’m on mobile.


Rifle line of perks is very strong. Crit perk while useful doesn’t start to shone until you get weapons with flat crit chance bonus. Also the penalty reduction for shooting in darkness is a complete waste if you pump your rifle skill to 199. What is excellent however is the Witcher perk which doubles damage to monsters and animals. Considering that you have fights vs 4 to 5 wolf alphas with 110hp each that is a very useful perk to have, especially if you’re playing solo or with dog only.


Yeah food can’t be used during combat like med kits however when you haven’t been spotted it’s a good time to down those items which give 30 minute (game time) buffs.

By far the most dangerous enemies I have encountered are grenade throwers the aoe damage and splash can easily ruin companions.


Finally finished. I’d give the game a solid 8/10 overall. The story in the end had a pretty good twist, but it was a little undercooked. Progression pacing towards the end really suffered, I only got access to top tier rifles in pretty much the last location of the game. The fights in the same location were also pretty hard but I managed on Normal with a lvl 21 lone wolf sniper + dog, after injecting myself with every drug in my inventory and liberally using steampaks every turn. I don’t know if these fights are even possible with melee, and if you bring companions they will most likely die. I had to tell my dog to stay behind in one of the hallways because enemies made swiss cheese out of him otherwise.


Bat --did dog survive?


Of course! As a dog owner IRL I went above and beyond to protect my virtual buddy :)


Pumping yourself up with a bunch of drugs is a good idea (only in video games, kids!). How many attempts did it take?

Writhing in drug withdrawl next to your companions corpses seems like a suitable ending for a post apocalyptic rpg.


Only 2 attempts for each fight. Key to success was shooting once (I was lucky to have the Remington rifle as well) and then move around the corner, forcing AI to waste APs. I’d also devote entire turn to stimpak treatment plus some movement if necessary.


I still love this game but I’m becoming more conflicted. Mostly because of the walking! I feel like I’m going back and forth on the overland map all the time and overland travel is Slow.


Ok just figured out who to build the 3rd upgrade to the pistol… this thing costs 2 AP to fires and does 6-17 damage each shot! I got the Perk to decrease cost of all Pistol shots, which means it cost 1AP to do 6-17 damage for 5 shot clip in one turn I do 30 to 85 damage in a turn! Get some AP rounds and I’m ready to take on the big robot in the bunker I ran from a few hours ago.

I’ve got close to 100,00 grand with all the salvage I got from taking on the salvage yard. Thinking I’m going to buy those insanely expensive Military Armor at the K shop.

FYI this changed happened within one hour. I was firing 3AP for 5-16 damage, getting in 2 shots a turn (with 1 ap for pivoting) equaling 10 to 32 damage and an hour later my character was taking down up to 2 enemies.with 30 to 85 damage a turn.


I just completed the 2nd to last battle, it was brutal but I managed to beat it by ordering my people to retreat and aggressive turn to turn to prevent them from charging ahead of me.

I soaked up LOTs of damage, and used a insane amount of stimpacks but everyone survived including my rescued slave who did her job and drew a little fire.

I had to reload once because I armed allies with grenades, that was a HUGE mistake, talk about friendly fire! Restarted the battle and took their grenades away and stood up front drawing fire and shooting with a few shots, healing, and rearming my grenades when I could get them off.

I had to take out the heavy gunner enemy FAST. He was burst firing and doing damage to his friendlies, but he also threw grenades which was hurtling my team BAD!