ATOM RPG - The Fallout everyone wanted

I agree with Bateau, the polish for this game is rather surprising for such a indie game.

I’m playing on easy as the Russian games I’ve played till now enjoy torturing you for hours.

You defintely start out with nothing but the clothes on your back and crafting is the only real way Ive seen to get any decent equipment so far.

Ive spent a few hours battling spiders and flies now with bricks and my boot lol. I’m not clear when I’m stealing and when I’m not though. At least until someone reacts to my looting actions.

I’m finding this one engaging and its stealing me away from Kenshi , which is mild praise in itself!

I actually kinda like the dialog now. Some of it is really dark and engaging, and I know I’m missing a lot because of my average personality attribute (the game will tell you when you fail checks). And almost every single NPC has a name and some sort of story to tell.

Yup, it’s amazing how many interesting side bits there are. Really tempted to reroll to see more of them lol. And it’s interesting how many times the game has already subverted my expectations - since I’ve played a lot of rpgs in my life I can usually guess how the convo’s gonna unfold but it’s really hard to predict here - and I love it!

Also, confession time - I got to level 6 without spending a single perk point! This is the first time something like this has happened to me in an rpg, I simply overlooked the button that switches to the perk tree. Some look pretty strong, like the one that removes STR requirement from weapons, so it’s worth it to check out the tree and plan ahead.

I’ve been looking at this for a while so thanks for the impressions. There are have been a number of Russian Fallout clones over the years, almost almost everyone has just been terrible. I was wondering if this game would join that long line of failures, but it looks like they missed making the cut! I will stay tune for more impressions. Thanks for posting.

Is this the entire world map?

Looks like a single STALKER level to me.

I saw in one of the threads that reaching specific points (Harbor and something else) unlocks access to two more global maps.

Gosh, lets hope so. This is tiny and would be a real disappointment.

Heh, I’m the opposite. Right now the game is on my wishlist, but if I find out that it’s got a small map and the game is relatively short, then there’s no need to wait for a sale, I can buy it earlier and try to finish it.

Well Im getting owned! have to kill the wolves in the cave to recruit the sniper. The wolves are owning me even on easy. Any advise. I went ok melee fighter and getting 65% chance to hit with a knife getting 2 attacks per a turn, recruited Fidel but and he has a knife but we just don’t last again a single wolf…Level 3 btw,

People who played Early Access are reporting campaign length to be between 30 and 50 hours. From my experience so far I think it will take me even longer, because I like to see everything. I’ve already seen at least 20 variations of random encounters in the very early stages of the game, and they are affected by day/night cycle to boot - you run into different encounters based on the time of day, and static encounters (npc placement and such) also change based on this. And as I mentioned previously, having good social stats unlocks many different side bits to characters you meet, which can lead to very unpredictable consequences - just yesterday for example I managed to piss off a somewhat stoic guard that would not give me the time of day when I played my melee guy, but with my new character that has high personality and dexterity I was able to taunt him and then escalate things through sleigh of hand action, which resulted in a 1v1 combat with him. Unfortunately he had a shotgun and I didn’t lol. But my point is, there seems to be quite a lot of replayability here.

Level 3 seems a little low? Are you using Gifted distinction? I was level 6 before I even went to that city where you meet Fidel.

I’ve managed to squeeze in a few more hours of game time during the holidays, thanks to an old laptop that was available for me to borrow. Even though I’m playing at 15-20 fps the game’s pulling me more than recently rpgs. I’ve settled on a pretty good character now, picked Gifted and Lucky as my starting traits, with a stat spread of 8 STR, 3 END, 10 DEX, 8 INT, 7 ATTNT, 7 PERS, 4 LCK. The real game changer for me was when I crafted a custom revolver, which is a crafted upgrade for the zip gun that you can craft from the very beginning. Both are very easy to make - revolver holds 5 bullets and deals 7-9 tooltip damage, and can be fired 3 times per turn with 10 DEX. Damage output is significantly higher than any of the other easily acquired weapons in the early game, and with a decent mag size you can dispatch 2 enemies before you have to reload. Zip gun ammo (which revolver also takes) is also pretty easy to make so this is a very viable option if you don’t want to bother with melee.

Also, Personality is an AMAZING stat. I’d go so far to say that it should be prioritized over combat stats, it just adds so much and unlocks potential for lots of xp gain through conversation - either by unlocking interesting information about characters or even unlocking quests - or alternate solutions.

edit: I think this is the first time I’ve seen partial success for a stat check. Very interesting.

Lol Roy Keane is in the game!


haha, that’s amazing

Wow, yeah, no denying that likeness.

Lol yes I thought that when I saw the picture…

Keaneo! Wonder is the in game character also prickly, anger fueled borderline madman.

Bat how is combat? At least as good as Fallout 1 and 2? better?

They also have a character that looks exactly like (similar to this) Finn Jones. The dialogue also says his Dad will beat him with a Iron Fist. The have a lot of those fan geek moments actually.

He’s anger fueled, but with very good reason.

About the same as FO2. Darkness apparently affects accuracy (there’s a perk to negate this), there are no stances, weapons have different attack modes (stab/slash, single/burst), and you can aim at specific body parts, though I have yet to figure out if any special status effects are associated with them. I do know however that targeting specific parts can be used to avoid hitting armor if the enemy is wearing any. For example, if a target is wearing body armor but no helmet you can simply aim for the head to bypass damage reduction.

I still don’t know how companion control looks like, I’ve just seen from an escort quest that you can give them basic tactical orders, and get information about their health and such.

I expect his character has been harshly treated by