Atomic Blonde: No Spoiler In Thread Title for Tom

Charlize Theron must have liked John Wick.

Red Band Trailer:

Sold. Absolutely. Sold.

What? You have away the name of the movie in the thread title? You bastard.

She’s come a long way from Aeon Flux!

I appreciate the no spoiler in the thread title too. Thanks Wholly! I try to avoid news about movies, and it’s funny that sometimes all I know about a movie is what Qt3 thread titles give away, and sometimes that’s a surprising amount.

Such are the perils of Discourse’s 15 character minimum.

There’s a fine line between spoilers and enticement. Personally, I would have gone for “Atomic Blonde: A Charlie Theron action movie by the co-director of John Motherfucking Wick OMFG”

Seriously though: the choreography, the colors – you couldn’t have bigger fingerprints over this thing and I’m so fucking excited those dudes are a doing mid-range competently shot action revival. Not that I don’t appreciate the DTV stuff, but don’t want to rely on it exclusively for good American action.

Seems like the Black Widow movie we’re otherwise never going to get.

Love that trailer, although I worry it wanders way too far into the “let’s spoil all the action sequences” territory. I am all in on a Charlize + John Wick mashup anyway; they don’t need to show me every fight.

Casting looks top notch, too - Charlize, Toby Jones, Goodman, McAvoy…

Having said all that, it looks nothing like the original comic at all. I recognize one fight scene, but the rest seems uh, pretty new. Even the color scheme - which is great - is vastly different than the cold b&w aesthetic of the original. Curious to see how it all turns out. I hope it lives up to the verve of the trailer.

A new trailer is up, and they’ve basically synced it up perfectly to a variety of awesome songs. Depeche Mode, Kanye, perfectly timed blows to the beat. Wow. I need to see this movie.

OMG. She’s fabulous. Especially love the scene with the stabby red heels.

But OTOH I am worried that this trailer functionally reveals the whole movie.


I’m expecting a John Wick like movie. How important was story to my enjoyment of either John Wick’s? Not at all.

I really, really liked this. It’s not for everyone I think and it has one or two things that could be fixed but I am so darn happy I saw this.

Pretty funny a few times, although I don’t know if anyone else in my theatre was laughing.

Yayyyyyyyyy! Can’t wait to see it.

The movie earns it’s R rating. There is smoking.

What? Shit, I’m out. That’s fucking disgusting.

Our movie swarm on Thursday loved the trailer. Best case scenario: John Wick starring Charlize Theron, in which case I’m totally in.

Apparently, it’s not quite that. It’s more of a classic spy thriller. Though it shares some of the style and action.

I haven’t seen it yet though. This is based on a few reviews, including this one, where he specifically mentions this is not a John Wick alike (minor plot spoilers alert if you don’t want to know what the overall drive of the movie is). I find myself often agreeing with Jeremy’s opinion. You might not though.

I didn’t realize that this movie was based of a comic book called The Coldest City written by Antony Johnston, illustrated by Sam Hart and published by Oni.

I bought the GN and read it and while there are some very big differences from the movie you can see the connective tissue.

Watched it tonight. This movie is definitely not a female John Wick by any stretch, though there is one pretty incredible sequence with a follow-up sequence close-by that is fairly amazing. The plot involves a fairly standard super-rehashed spy movie device (a list of spies) and a whole lot of convolutery. Unfortunately the trailer did pretty much give away every single action sequence, which basically semi-spoils the ending. Still, I liked it.

— Alan