Atomic Heart - Soviet Bioshock

That looks crazy. Looking forward to it.

Looks like a wacky FPS, intriguing but not sure where Bioshock comes in.

Bioshock had a better hook than “WTF is going on this is crazy”, even in its earliest marketing materials.

Looks like some kind of alien invasion. I think the Bioshock comparison seems apt, not in terms of setting or story, but in terms of the gameplay. Swinging a wrench at giant big-daddy-like robots and such did also remind me of Bioshock a bit, so I’m with Telefrog on that one. But yeah, the story and setting look nothing like Bioshock. That part looks wildly original to me. I’ve never seen an alien invasion look like this before in any game.

I dunno, looks like Bioshock but instead of taking place in a failed capitalist utopia, it’s taking place in some failed soviet bloc community.

This looks far more impressive than I was anticipating. Can’t wait.

Some of the set and character design in that trailer was pretty impressive, and there was multiple examples of that. Any one of those could have ended up as a single front piece for other games.

If they can back up that trailer with solid gameplay, I’m in. An original FPS is always welcome.

CyberMage: Darklight Awakening didn’t see the “al” there and got really excited for a second before slinking back to David Bradley’s basement.

Deep cut!

Pretty sure I have a copy around here somewhere…

I was honestly surprised how few pure FPSs Origin was involved in given the era they operated in.


This looks possibly wonderful.

I am still waiting for my STALKER 2 though. Hopefully Metro Exodus will provide.

Same here.

Sadly, most of the titles claiming to be carrying the STALKER torch have been multiplayer focused.

I love that song! “Do I love you, do I hate you, do I got an atomic heart?”

10 minutes of gameplay footage:

I couldn’t stand to watch much of that, despite it looking impressive. The motion blur combined with the choppy frame rate and head bob movement was enough to nope right out.

I love that visual design and potential atmosphere. Definitely one to watch.

So much style and creativity in the mob and world design. The flappy windows were causing me anxiety.

Yeah, the framerate was a problem. You’d think they’d record their demo on a godly machine, so that’s worrying.