Atomicrops - plow, plant, and pow on a farm

To piggyback on this, I think this game is extraordinary when it comes to building you up in terms of having you refine skill through playing it and then climbing difficulties.

The persistent upgrades matter but at the end of the day if you make it to year 10 and beat it (something I was convinced I would never do for a long time), it will be because you mastered the game.

Thre’s a ton of RNG in terms of what upgrades show up, but you will find yourself pausing to consider choices at animal camps, with whether to swap tractors, with which upgrade to take at camps chat give you a choice. S ometimes there’s “I hope I get something like X, Y, or Z to piggy back off of choosing A”, but often there’s “well, I am weakest here and A will help that, but I am strong here and B might ac tually help that more and that could in turn yield to strategy tweaks as I go”.

unlike Isaac et al, there aren’t a zillion relic upgrades. There are enough that it’ll take you some playing time to get comfortable with them, but you’ll mostly be able to keep what does what sorted in your headspace for the game. I came back after 11 months and 80% of the ones that had been implemented when I left I instantly remembered (some are just so iconic).

Yeah, 100% this. Well said.

Forgot to mention in changes earlier, and part of me wonders if this is too powerful, but the yellow mushrooms that give a tractor charge now just stack extra charges regardless of what other upgrades you have. They’re temporary, so you can only hold one unless you get the whatsit upgrade (also there is a new tractor that energizes friends that gets 2 charges. It also makes you invincible for 2 seconds but it’s the energizing that is the big draw and I think it’s great). But you can stack these indefinitely and use them when you want. I love it. They stack per tractor, so if you’re running 2 you can swap to what you want.

Thanks, guys, I’m gonna farm the hell out of this shit.

Regarding tractors, that’s another thing the game didn’t tell me about until I got a pop-up or something that was like TRACTOR READY and I was like UH, OK, I GUESS I’LL PRESS R? And then this big thing dropped out of the sky and just like sat there.

Hahahah yeah. Some stuff is explained in game - it has better than average tooltip descriptions for relics e.g.

But some stuff, nope.

There is one dedicated combat tractor but the rest are for use on the farm for the most part (with one you haven’t unlocked having combat use and basically amazing versatility, and the energizer tractor which has minor combat utility imo).

Yeah, it’s definitely worth pausing once in a while and having a look at your gear to see what everything does. That’s where a lot of the ‘aha!’ moments are. Back when I played (when it launched on Epic) you couldn’t reconfigure the controls so tractors, I think, were on R3/right thumbstick click which meant that I was always triggering them in the heat of combat. That screwed me up so much. I think it was only when Atomicrops hit Steam that it got button remapping so I was able to shift tractor on to something else.

Another thing from when I first started playing: there were only a few duff items. Nearly everything had its place. I dare say with all the big updates since launch those duff items have been rebalanced or removed/changed entirely now.

You guys are making me want to fire this up again now for all the new content and to knock off some of those cheevos…

I have seen this described as Stardew + Enter the Gungeon, and yes but also no. It’s “Stardew” but by way of, like, Ed, Edd and Eddy. This game is the nightmares the main character in Stardew has on sweaty summer nights.

I made it to my first Nuclear Winter and got totally stomped. I looked it up, and ah, ok, I get it now. Was wondering why I was doing no damage. Unlocked a new character, but Rye doesn’t seem as good as Lavender.

A question: should I be spending my days away from the farm pretty exclusively and doing planting only at night? Sometimes I have so many seeds I’ll go a couple days without going away from the farm at all.

Rye is amazing.

The 50% chance for the gun not to break can make for some serious snowballing. Turrets are good, although their effectiveness of course depends on how many you get and what turret upgrades you get.

It’s super rare that I don’t go exploring during the day. Sometimes I cut trips short to get back to the farm. Sometimes I plant some in morning, sometimes not. I always plant at afternoon (when I do cut trips short, although this is kind of rare)/dusk/night where possible.

The things is, all your power comes from the camps out in the various fields. Whether it’s more rose seeds, heart seeds, general seeds, fertilizer, tractors, upgrades, or friends, that stuff is all out in camps being guarded. Friends, tractors, and upgrades will dramatically snowball your runs. With enough friends and a few upgrades you’ll barely do anything other than plant (and maybe fertilize/do some weed wacking). Each field has two camps where animals (or scarecrows/turrets, it’s all done randomly) is guarded. Each one has two pidgeon houses (scrolls). I believe they all have two “chose one of 2 upgrades”. Each one has 2 Flamingos )where you get rose seeds). And then there are the assortment of additional “picks/seeds” spots, the sacrifice shrines, the other random assortment of camps And the Far fields have some interesting surprises waiting for you, to boot.

Even with a low supply of friends, there are so many upgrades that can speed up/improve your farming. Having to plant at night can be hectic, but you’d be surprised at the different ways it becomes not merely doable but easy (and productive). Likewise, you’ll be shocked what the occasional morning plant before you run off to explore can do, once you get upgrades.

The snowball potential is through the roof. But you’ve got to find the stuff to do it, and you can only do that exploring.

Woo, I beat Year 1, something apparently only 46.2% of players do. Every time I say, “I should play X” I end up playing this instead.

But do keep playing The Longing! :)

(And congrats btw!)

Aaaargh, within a hair’s breadth of beating Year 2 when I got hit by one of those stupid floating hands, so frustrating.

Year 3 unlocked.

How have I only spent 5.3 hours in this game? It’s been years. Decades.

I am now an old man, my youth fled.

Oh nice one! I put a lot of time into Atomicrops so at 5-6 hours you’re making good progress.

I installed and fired this up tonight via Game Pass on my PC.

I got to the Summer boss and finally died. I must be doing something wrong in my first run (which lasted about 45 minutes, really long for a rogue-lite or rogue-like right?) since I usually didn’t have enough money to buy anything when I got to town, except for a weapon each time. Other stuff like scarecrows and things like that are way too expensive to buy.

Very neat game. It has the slow cadence of a farming but, with dual stick combat.

I played again this morning, and again died to the Summer boss.

I can see that playtime is going to be a problem. This game also lasted 45 minutes. If each game is going to last 45 minutes or longer (since I’ll get better). I haven’t tried just quitting after 15 minutes or so yet. Hopefully that will just work, and it will save my game. Or maybe I have to save and quit in town? That wouldn’t be that bad either, since each day is pretty short.

It definitely saves in town. I don’t know about the middle of a day out in the world. Each day is, as you observed, pretty short, but a run altogether can last, yeah.

It’s kind of a shame that there’s no meta-progress early on in the game. Died to the Sun God for the 6th time, each time about 45 minutes into the game. I guess I’ve been playing for a long time now with no progress in sight.

I almost had him this time though, because I chose the Butcher’s Knife as a weapon, which you would think would be a melee weapon and therefore useless against an enemy that damages you when he touches you, and is huge. But no, it turns out it’s a boomerang.

There are a bunch of things in the home area that I guess are unlocks but I have no idea what they’ll do. Definitely feel like most of my “metaprogress” has been in the form of just learning to play better so far.

Incidentally, you run sooo slowly around that home area, and it’s a drag.

Meta progression is odd and has evolved several times over the course of the game’s development. The primary type is through ants you find out in fields. They’re scientists and you can trade Cornucopias for upgrades. But you gotta find the ants first, which is somewhat random and also dependent on getting into the North/South and farther fields.

Honestly, real progression in the game is about getting out into those fields consistently moreso than beating bosses.

I can’t even remember what the ant hills look like out in the fields.