Attack of the demon cat

Speaking of cats (Denny’s thread), we had a weird cat experience a couple of nights ago. Our house got attacked by a demon cat.

We have three cats and we keep them indoors now. Anyway, a stray cat smashed through a screen door – I mean he ripped open the screen somehow – and engaged in the most hellacious catfight I’ve ever witnessed as he took on all three of our cats, and then smashed through a second screen window to make his escape, leaping about 15 feet to the ground. It all happened in no more than a minute and there was fur everywhere – I see now where the “fur was flying” cliche comes from. It looked like the floor of a barbershop in our kitchen.

It was actually pretty creepy. It happened late at night and was like something out of a horror movie, albeit one that would frighten cats more than humans. The demon cat bent the frame of one screen to nearly a 90 degree angle. I’m pretty sure its infernal strength comes directly from Satan.

Is this some leftover April Fool’s material because, if not, that is truly creepy. Seriously, that is hard to believe. Like X-files type hard to believe.

Did you get a look at it? Did you recognoze it from the neighborhood? It could have been that Russian assassin kitten from Cats and Dogs. You aren’t by any chance working on a cure for dog allergies in your basement are you?

It was a black cat, on the large side. It was creepy. I was up reading in the adjoining room, and I heard the initial growls, which didn’t alarm me because our cats often fight each other and growl. Apparently the demon cat was on our back deck sitting outside the screen door. We keep our cat bowls of food just a few feet from that screen door, so perhaps that is what brought the stray there.

My guess is the cat lunged at one our cats, focusing on the cat rather than the screen, and the screen just ripped. The second screen window is a bit easier to understand as the stray was running like a rocket around the room to get away and had a good head of steam.

If I hadn’t seen the cat I’d probably think it was something else – a possum maybe, or a racoon. People in our neighborhood have spotted coyotes too, but I know it wasn’t one of those.

One screen, I can see. Cat gets all hyped and vaults toward your three, but then to tear through the house and bolt through the second screen is one for the ages. [insert freaked out emoticon here]

I’d be a little concerned about rabies and the like. The food might have drawn it, but when cats get that angry, they can have disease too.

We had one of our cats freak out because a skunk was hanging around outside. The smell drove her nuts and she came into the living room like a shot. My first son was on the floor…he was about 14 to 16 months at the time…and the cat jumped on him and scratched him real bad on his back. We were scared shitless. I got her off him, she attacked my leg and then I blasted her into a corner. She got up…shook it off and after maybe five minutes was back to normal.

We called the humane society and they said it was pretty common for that to happen. I was completely ready to put her down. To this day though, Belle is sweet as can be and “takes care of the kids” now. Something just got into her that night and MEEEOOOOWWW!!!


Anyway, keep an eye on your guys if they got cuts and bites from the battle.


You know, my prior cat also had a total freak-out attack session one day. There was an enemy cat outside, and they were hissing and banging the window at each other, and I tried to move Kali (my old cat) away from the window (stupid, I know) and she totally wigged. I mean, the enemy cat ran away when I came to the window, but Kali was still totally hostile, trying to attack me, for like 15 minutes.

Then again, she’s always been a little loopy…

Sounds like it was probably gang related. So sad…

You know, they say cats aren’t social creatures, but the cats in my neighborhood get to gether in the middle of the night to stare at eachother in the street all the time.

I had a cat, ‘Blackcat’, I swear to God that it would sit in the window and make ‘chipmunk’ noises whenever we had it inside for too long and just staaaaare at the little rodents running around in the trees.

This is the same cat that will bat the dog’s nose with it’s paw while the dog was eating. The dog would just look up and then sit while Blackcat ate from the dog food bowl.

I remember one time that it was purring and trying to cuddle up to me, but it wouldn’t sit in my lap or let me touch her. I finally figured it out when I got up to get a drink: she was trying to show off the squirrel she had caught, at least the head part.

It was always an odd cat, if you pet it for a while she would stand up and try to ‘suckle’ on your neck, the freakiest thing.

sounds like my cat, Two-Face. this cat will do the same thing- always has, probably always will. it’s kinda freaky, but really cute. :)

One day? How about, like, every day, sometimes hourly. That cat was nuts.

When we lived in Illinois, we had a neighbor cat who would like to come over and visit. We lived in a townhouse in which the balconies of two units were connected, and Caesar (the Siamese-er) would walk over to our back bedroom door and meow to come in.
He used to love our place (he lived with another cat, an Akida, and a husky in a small 2 bedroom townhouse). He come over, steal Ozymandias’ (our resident cat) fur mouses, partake in his weed, and generally make himself comfortable until his people knocked on the door looking for their cat. Ozymandias didn’t mind Caesar’s visits, perhaps he felt sorry for him, living with a bunch of dogs and all…

This happy relationship continued until Grendel (Cat #2) moved in. Ozymandias was alarmed that kittens were living in his territory, but not too concerned. He pretty much ignored Grendel and his siblings. However, Caesar was Pissed!! He came over one day, saw the kittens and growled and hissed at them. We put Caesar back on the balcony and explained to him that this wasn’t his house, he was a guest, and that if the alpha male of the territory didn’t have a problem with kittens, then he shouldn’t either.

Grendel grew up, his siblings moved out, and Caesar stopped visiting frequently. One spring night Ben and I were sleeping when suddenly we were awakened by the sounds of a nasty cat fight in our house. We were surprised, since Grendel and Ozymandias never fought. I went downstairs to see what was going on. Ozymandias was sitting on the top of the couch looking out the window, his normal self. HE didn’t appear to have recently engaged in a brawl. I called up to Ben and told him that Ozymandias seemed OK. Ben responded with a uhh… then who are the two cats growling at each other under the bed? (we only have 2 cats)
It turns out that Caesar had broken in, and decided to have a fight with Grendel! He had come over on the balcony, decided he wanted in, broke through the screen door, and attacked Grendel. The cat burgler had attacked!

Break-ins aren’t all that unusual…

Heya Karen! :D

One day? How about, like, every day, sometimes hourly. That cat was nuts.[/quote]

Yeah. But in a good way.

Wait, no, not at all.

The chipmunk noises are actually a nifty physical reaction cats have when they see something they want to kill:

“Most cats make that quite distinctive teeth chattering sort of noise that seems reserved specifically for when they see birds or squirrels, whether outside or on television. Actually, that noise may be more of an instinct than we realize. Many feline behavior specialists have noted the similarity of that noise to the special neck bite that cats use in the wild designed to kill a bird or small rodent quickly and efficiently, before they have a chance to struggle. Young kittens and cubs in the wild have the opportunity to practice this special bite; house cats may just be showing their excitement at seeing potential prey, or possibly their frustration (with the excitement, too) in seeing potential prey that they cannot get to.”

Tom Chick makes a similar chattering noise when he sees girls. HAR HAR!

Thanks Sparky, I was worried about my kitty because when she was a kitten she ignored this small rat that invaded our house. I appreciate finally understanding why my kitty seems to make little barking noises at the birds through the window. This cat has never been outside (because of coyotes) but I guess she still knows what to do with birds. I thought that maybe she didn’t realize she was a cat and thought that she was instead the master of the house.

Funny you said that… exact same thing happened to me. Beastie was in the window growling at a cat out back and when I picked her up (dummy) to change her locale she snapped and sunk a wide spread 5 claw power paw directly into my forehead. I let out a “Yowza!”, pried the cat’s claws from my forehead, and as she was falling to the floor two thin high pressure streams of blood spurted from my forehead all over the cat.We were both a mess.

I let out a “Yowza!”, pried the cat’s claws from my forehead, and as she was falling to the floor two thin high pressure streams of blood spurted from my forehead all over the cat.

Replace your cat with a silver orb and you’ve got that scene from Phantasm!


I never heard of Phantasm until you mentioned it. I just looked it up.

Anyway, if that part in the movie is funny I’d love to relive it. A buddy of mine was there during our episode and laughed for about an hour. I can only imagine what it looked like.

Dammit! I missed a perfect Phantasm reference.

I was once sitting on the steps with a friend of mine and her baby, the baby was sleeping soundly lying on his back on her lap. So we’re just talking when Willy, my one-eyed cat, just jumped up on her lap and walked across the baby’s forhead, planting one of it’s paw square in the middle before leaping off an continuing into the house. It was so bizarre, and the kid never woke up.
Willy also had the NASTIEST breath in the world, we swore it was dead but just didn’t know it (we found it in the woods with one eye and on the verge of death) It’s fur was thick and nothing could untangle it. But that cat’s breath would just gag you, and it looooved to lick your nose which was a treat. Good times. Willy recently joined the choir invisible when the local ‘nucking futs’ lady ran it over. Always hated that bitch.