Attention Dish Network Subscribers paying for HD

I recently found out (by accident) that Dish is offering to drop the cost of adding HD to your service, and of course they won’t just tell you.

If you go to their web site and look for “free HD for life” all you need to to is either

  1. Sign up for Autopay and get rid of paper bills. Then sign a new 2 year contract.
  2. Pay them a 1 time fee of $99 to get rid of the $10 / month HD fee.

or do what I did and

  1. Drop my regular package that was costing me $74 a month and get an America package (much fewer channels and even though it says HD only, I kept all the non-HD local channels and the non-HD equivalent of the HD channels) for ~$40 ($30 package, $6 DVR, + Tax)a month. I then took some of the money I saved and got Netflix streaming only for $8 / month.

I lost a couple of channels I wanted (AMC for example, I’ll have to get season 2 of the Walking Dead some other way) but I saved quite a bit per month.