ATTENTION: I Just Tied My Motherfucking Shoes. BY MYSELF

Yeah that’s right BITCHES all by myself.

I’ll be brutally honest and I don’t care if I get humiliated for this retarded admission (as long as you reply to me it’ll be just fine), but up until yesterday, I only wore slip-ons, flip-flops, and well Zips back in tha day. LOL THA DAY YO. It’s mostly because I have a cerebral palsy and I lack the basic motor skills to do so, so don’t make fun of me or you’ll be a jerk like forever.

Anwyayssydsysyays I stepped it up a notch AW YEAH SUCK IT GANG SIGNS WOOT and laces up a sweet pair of kicks. Check it:

Aren’t they sexy? They look like the ones Michael Jordan wore when he won like 10 NFL championships in a row. I think.

OK, well those aren’t really the ones I bought and I actually haven’t worn them yet but I totally laced up the demo shoe by myself in Famous Footwear so fuck the hataz.


Nike VM. Fuck off!

Wrong forum!

Dammit, LSB! You beat me by 20 seconds…

Those awesome shoes look abused and downtrodden. Like a hot divorcee with kids.

Well whatever I guess I’m just gonna get made fun of because I picked the wrong forum, and that 's the only possible reason anybody would except cause they jealous :XXXXXXX

Hey well they still rock and I heard that girls like to wear them too so nyah

i prefer the Ian’s Secure Shoelace Knot myself.

Better be careful then, some chick might steal your shoes. Possibly at a concert.


Does your shoe know you’re posting these pics?

Where are you in these pictures? I don’t think you really laced up those shoes at all.

Ah, but has it been spanked by Superman?

Pix of the inside of the shoe plz.

A friend of mine was joining the army. I had to teach her how to tie her shoes and climb a ladder, because she didn’t know HOW. How do you get through life without knowing these basic skills? Climbing a ladder…you go UP!

I don’t get it.

She probably wore laceless shoes. They do make them, in a variety of styles for both men and women.

The shoe takes off?

You’re right, but I still don’t see how you can be 20 years old and not know how to tie shoelaces.

The least you could do, Bill, is link to the shoe’s Myspace page.

lawl… that’s pretty sweet. I’m a huge Jordan fan, even though I’ve never seen him play.

Uhhh, my Dad talks about him all the time. :-p