Attentions lawyers! How do you find a job?

The daughter of a family friend is a lawyer in Ohio (she works for a large corporation). She would like to move to SoCal, how does a lawyerly type person go about finding a position in a distant state (other than the usual newspapers, Monster, Craigslist, etc…)?

Are there any specific law oriented job resources?

Blame Rywill!

She could try contacting the bar association for the city(cities) she’s interested in moving to. They could probably hook her up with local resources for job hunting. There is also the issue of needing to pass the bar to be licensed to practice in California (<insert joke here>).


LA has its own legal-community newspaper, the Daily Journal, which runs classified ads. If she wants to work for the federal government, I believe those job openings are posted on the relevant agencies’ websites (some state agencies also post job openings). If she has any networking connections, which hopefully she might since she works for a big corporation, she could use those as well.

Seek out low income people in jail and offer to represent them for pennies on the dollar to build up your portfolio.


Wow, that’s got to be the worst advice for a corporate lawyer that you could possibly offer.



Wish I could answer this. But since you started this thread… if anyone is looking for a legal assistant in Dallas, until I get licensed here (already licensed but inactive in Mass.), give me a shout.

Is there a PC version, or is that a Nintendo DS exclusive?