Audio Taping Phone Calls

Has anyone been had experience audio recording telephone calls? I get a lot of ridiculous/hilarious/abusive calls at work and wouldn’t mind audio taping some of them.

The telephones we use are the regular cheapo office telephones (the square beige clunky things with 4 different lines that sit at a 45 degree angle on a plastic stand – I am sure you know the type).

What kind of device is needed to provide good to great audio reception for the person talking on the other end of the phone so that I can audio tape both my voice and the other guy’s? (while still being compatible with an office phone – ie. I can’t rip apart the phone to install audio doodads.)

You plug your handset into a telephone recording adapter, and then plug the adapter into the phone. There’s a minijack in the adapter that you then plug your tape recorder into.

Search for “telephone recording adapter” on Google.

Recording telephone calls without the consent of the caller may be illegal in some countries, provinces, and states.

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Forget tape recorder. If you’re at work, your pc is probably near - use that for recording. Much more versatile - I’m now a newspaper reporter, so that’s the setup I use daily.
Record, convert to MP3, name - done! I use Audacity and a cheap adapter like the one Roger mentioned.

I have no clue about Canadian laws, but here (and I think the rest of the EU is the same) you can record any conversation you yourself is a party to without consent and without warning - recording someone elses conversation is illegal.

Check this:
It’ll tell you who needs consent in your state to record.
Any Radio Shack or similar store will have these recording devices.

Just looked up the Canadian federal law, and it too only requires one-party consent.

So record away

I just want to point out that I am recording this entire conversation.

Yes Tim Elhajj, and so is your boss.

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It’s interesting from that list that most of the states requiring two-party notification are blue states. I’m not sure why it’s interesting, but it is…

Also, it’s interesting that in California, I can legally record a call if I include a beep on the recording.

I am doing this more for entertainment factor amongst my colleagues than anything else. I have participated in some award winning conversations.

I like the computer set up the best since my plan was to anonymize certains parts of the convo’s using audio editing software.

while we are on this topic I often wondered about something else …

my wickedly distorted sense of humour has always made me think about writing a simple web app that submits an email to a number of spam databases. It isn’t a difficult web app to make… the front end is a simple form with an input field that accepts the email address. The backend I won’t discuss, however I am sure a lot of you can figure it out. The email then gets submitted to a number of spam databases and the email user gets hammered with thousands of spam emails. But it doesn’t stop there. The spam keeps pouring in. Day after day, month after month spam robots will continue to pick up the email address. The email account becomes crippled.

This app is intended for the jerks you meet in your Real Life. For instance, a few years ago I bought a dining room set from this low-life prick who tried to rip me off. I 411’d him, got his home phone number, email address and his home address. Basically I cyberstalked his ass. I even Better Business Bereau’d his ass. I really got even with the fucker for trying to rip me off. But the icing on the cake would have been submitting his email address to a spam meta-database. Not at the time of the incident of course – probably a month or two down the road. Funny and gratifying all with the click of the mouse.

There is no way this could ever be traced (unless, of course, all of the suits in the CIA decide to drop their current tasks and point all their resources to my little web app).

I have been tempted to do something like this but haven’t done it for the obvious legal reasons. Anyone of you Americans know how illegal this is using US law? And how serious the sentence may be if busted?

Anyone know if a web app like this exists? I am sure it must… Google hasn’t helped.

Who is this Tim Elhajj that you speak of?

Maybe not a good idea:

Whether or not it’s illegal to record the conversations, that wouldn’t stop your boss from firing you if he/she didn’t like it.

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That’s… that’s… just wrong.

No such thing as blue states or red states. They’re all just shades of purple.

That provision often makes federal criminal investigations a PITA.