Audiobooks + iphone Issue

I have an iphone 6+ on the latest ios version.

Yesterday I bought my first audiobook on itunes and just cannot get it to work.

I have synced the book over. I can see it under settings/usage/music and it is there at the bottom of the list.

I use Bongiovi to play my music and it shows in it but I cannot play it due to the DRM which is fine.

However when I load the iphone Music app it just is not there. in Itunes on my PC I have added it to a playlist and synced it across all fine.

I have logged out of itunes on my phone and rebooted the phone etc and still nothing.

Anyone have any ideas?

It’s been a while since I listened to an audiobook on an iDevice, but you have tried clicking on the "… More " button at the bottom of the Music app and selected audiobooks, right? Or is it that it doesn’t even show up then?

It doesnt even show up. One option is to totally reset the phone but not something i really want to do yet

When you say “it” what do you mean? The specific audiobook? “Audiobooks” as a menu option? Any audiobooks at all within that menu option?

Nope nothing, when you click the more button there is no audiobook option at all, apparently because it doesn’t think I havce ever bought one so the option isnt active.

I’d be surprised if that were the case, but maybe. Just in case, press Edit when you’re in that More section and see if Audiobooks has been deselected. You can choose what shows up in there and it’s more likely it’s just not shown by default.

If it has been selected and still doesn’t show up, then I can’t suggest much more than trying to redownload the audiobook.

AudioBooks now show up in iBooks, rather than My Music with the latest update. Stupid, I know.

For real? That’s nuts. I’m still on 8.3, so they’re in Music for me.

That said, they did the same thing with podcasts when they released their godawful client, so I shouldn’t be too surprised.

AHA! I was wondering where my Dresden book went when I wanted to listen to it a few days ago. I just figured it hadn’t synced properly.

Bloody hell so it does, thanks so much.

And bloody annoying - I hate how they move stuff around for no apparent benefit.