Audiobooks on an Ipod?

Anyone listen to audiobooks on thier iPods? Do you just rip the audiobooks in the usual way and then load it into iTunes?

Yes and yes. Just rip them like any CD. You can also buy downloadable ones from a variety of online services like

Yes, but you won’t be able to bookmark them on the iPod unless you do some jiggery-pokey with the file.

It has to be a .m4b file.

Radio shows work great too… I just started ripping my old Ruby the Galactic Gumshoe shows onto my iPod…great way to use it.

I have audio books on my IPod. I do not need to rip them, I just tell ITunes to import them and point it to my audio book download directory.

No more file jiggery necessary. Just do an “info” on the file in iTunes and check “Remember my place” and “skip when shuffling.” Nice, because you can now do MP3 audiobooks, instead of having to convert to M4a, rename to M4b, etc.

Check out for the best audiobook experience as far as ease-of-use, etc. (If you sign up, tell 'em ‘DennyA’ sent you!)

Or rip audiobook CDs with iTunes and make the changes above.