Several of us in the IRC channel are members of Audioscrobbler, a free service that analyzes the music you listen to and gives recommendations based on other people that listen to similar music as you.

Our the group’s page is here:

Join us, so we can make fun of your taste in music, and vice versa. :)

Ok, I’m in.

I really enjoyed using Audioscrobbler through QCD, but the itunes for windows plugin makes for the crashing. Haven’t hooked into it in months.

Never had a problem with the iTunes plugin myself. For what it’s worth.

My listing on there will be mostly representative of what I might be listening to, not what I’m actually listening to. I leave iTunes playing on shuffle whether I’m in the room or not, so what’s being recorded as played isn’t necessarily being listened to. Additionally, while iTunes combines play counts from your computer and your iPod, I don’t think Audioscrobbler does, nor does it know when I’m listening to my music from another room in the house over the network. So, yeah, my Audioscrobbler is about as approximate of a picture of my musical taste as you can get.

Unfortunately the itunes plugin does NOT count stuff played on your iPod. :x

Wow. Who knew that DrCrypt was such a fan of Good Charlotte? ;)

Okay I’m in.

Or Fiona Apple. Must really love that Tidal album.

Thanks for reminding me - I just quit and cleared my stats. My entire stat was horribly fucked up from stupid stuff like listening to a Gwen Stefani song on a sudden impulse, getting a phone call, turning down the volume, forgetting the mp3 player was on repeat, then going out. The next morning, I’d have to fend off the chortles of the IRC channel when they discovered I’d listened to “What Are You Waiting For” 500 times in a row. It just wasn’t indicative of my musical taste at all and accidents like that never, ever, ever come off your record unless you listen to something else even more. And then that Good Charlotte song you listened to before bed one night, turned off the speakers and forgot about until the next morning influences your Recommendations for the rest of time. Pass.

Yeah. Upon review this seems more annoying than anything else. I think you’d feel pressure to listen to stuff that was somehow representative of your overall tastes in order to get good recommends or something.

How would you get good reccomendations if you don’t actually listen to the stuff you like?

People have listened to Abba and Blink 182, there’s nothing more for anyone to be embarrassed about.

I think it might be placing too much responsibility on Audioscrobbler to say that it’s representative. Look at the reactions that it’s getting when placed in that perspective.

If someone listened to a song on repeat then more power to them, but I doubt I’d think any less of them. If I cued up “There’s got to be a morning after” for a quick listen after watching the Poseidon Adventure … well good for me.

That’s too bad about the disconnect between iTunes and iPods.

On the other hand, I think Audioscrobbler just compares the song title and artist against its database of songs when it tallies them. That makes it more accurate, in at least one way, than my “Top 25 Most Played” list in iTunes. For example, I have Bullet With Butterfly Wings on three different albums, all rated 5 stars and equally likely to come up in my random playlist. iTunes keeps their playcounts by individual file though, so while I’ve played the three of them a total of 40 times, enough for #5 on my list, individually none of them have been played enough to make it onto my top 25. I think Audioscrobbler doesn’t have that problem.

Just applied, I’m kfazl. I’ve been on this thing forever, but I’d totally forgotten until now. Apparently I really like Le Tigre.

Maybe this can help:

They’ve changed the name from Audioscrobbler to, but the game is still the same:

Feel free to join us, don’t be ashamed. As one of the aforementioned people listening to ABBA and Blink-182, I’m proud of my music and I’m not ashamed to publically admit it.

If you’re afraid of public reaction though, they’ve added the ability to remove artists and tracks from your profile. You can also set rules in the plugin that it not report music from certain directories. So if you “accidentally” listen to something like the Weather Girls “It’s Raining Men” 250 times in a row, you don’t have to worry about it skewing your results any more.

Please come back DrCrypt, we still love you! :D