Augh! Anyone with a Kingwin Case?

I need some help…

I have the Kingwin KT-436B-WM and on the front of the case it has the 4 usb ports, firewire and audio. My problem is…

I know that the two usb ports (black) get connected to the motherboard, but what about the other 2 usb ports (white), the firewire and the audio. The manual says that they need to be connected to the back I/O shield? Huh!! I’m totally lost?

How would you connect it to the back of the I/O shield? The white usb ports are the actual cables, same as the fire wire and audio. I was expecting that I would connect these items to my motherboard but that’s not the case.

I read one review on the Kingwin KT-436B-WM and the reviewer stated that they would slide out thru the pci slot that is in the back of the case. Huh!! So basically I would just pull the usb, firewire and audio wires thru the pci slot? That would look pretty bad, don’t you think?

thanks for the help.

Are the connectors on the cables the same kind you’d plug into the ports on the back of your PC, or are they the kinds that slip over pins on a motherboard?

If the former, then they are indeed designed to wrap around the back of the case. Ugly, yep. I have a Belkin 3.5"-slot front USB 2.0 hub that has a standard USB connector instead of a motherboard connector. If I hadn’t had a USB 2.0 PCI card with an internal connector, I’d have had do the “wrap around outside the case” thing. Many firewire card also have internal connectors that are the same as external firewire connectors. But motherboards use the “pin” setup.

You know, if you’d just play console games instead of following the PC upgrade brigade, you wouldn’t have these problems. (g,d,rlh!)

Yea… I hear ya. If I would have just bought an Xbox, I wouldn’t have these problems. I use my computer besides gaming, as I do graphical work on the side. I needed a powerful computer anyway. lol…

Well anyway… Yep the wires are the same type of connectors that you would plug into the ports on the back of your PC. Pretty lame if you ask me. So I just disconnected the wires anyway.

If you have ever seen a Kingwin case, it has the 4 front usb ports, 1 firewire port and headphone and mic jack. The 2 usb ports (black) connect to the mobo while the other ports connect by wrapping around the outside of your case. LAME!!

[color=red]But I have a question:[/color]

Since I disconnected the wires, and my motherboard has numerous usb, fire wire and audio connectors, can I find wire that will let me slip over the pins on a motherboard? Because I would like to utilize the front section of my case, as the fire wire, 2 other usb ports and audio jacks would be of great benefit to me. I do have the connectors on my motherboard and would like to use them, instead of letting them go to waste.

thanks for the help.


The only way I could think of to do that would be to actually find the proper connectors for your motherboard ports, find the pinouts of the Kingwin connectors, and solder on new connector ends. Not exactly easy… I’ve never heard of any kind of adapter.

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