Augh.. who will be playing Postal 2?

game looks aweful.

I take that back… you do get to kill Gary Coleman. :D

Oh I’m interested in trying it. if only to see how truely awful it is. Need to figure out some legal way of getting it without paying for it since I don’t want to encourage such games.

Yeah… umm… I just don’t know. If it looked better, I’d be interested–I mean, you can beat someone with a SHOVEL! And there’s vomiting! If this game isn’t made for the 21st century, I don’t know what is!

But… but you get to kill Gary Coleman!

[“Waaaaaitaminute,” the observant reader suddenly says to him/herself. “Did you just say that players can shoot Gary Coleman, at his public mall book-signing, in Paradise, Arizona?”]
Yes indeed. Mr. Coleman plays himself in the game (meticulously modelled to facial detail and scale), and does his own voice acting and motion-capture. And yes, you can shoot him. And this isn’t some clever colloquialism for in-game photography, or some other syntactical dodge: you can point a gun at him, and put a bullet in him, if you’re that rude, that unbalanced, that determined to do things the violent way. It’ll say more about you, than it does about Postal 2, however, because it’s perfectly possible to play the game in non-aggressive mode; although it’s important to remember that the town’s distinct types of inhabitants are ‘only human’ after all, and can also ‘go postal’ under the right circumstances. At such times, of course, you would be perfectly within your rights to… well, defend yourself.

And yes, Gary Coleman can – trust us, he will – shoot right back at you (you are rudely interrupting his virtual, in-game book-signing, after all!) That is, he will shoot you down if you don’t take him out on your first (doubtless unprovoked) attack, you disturbed individual, you. Hey, you might get lucky - but just remember, this is the man who brought two of his own guns to the Postal 2 motion-capture session!

Ah… the best part of the game. :D

wait what do you do in the game…

It’s been made abundantly clear that you can be as deviant or not as you wish in the game (although I don’t see the developers adding in “be nice” features like giving flowers or hugs or anything the same way that they’re working on the “urinate on this guy’s corpse” thing).

But what the hell is your GOAL in it? I mean, what determines your success/failure? Reading the coverage, it sounds like they made some environments where you can - if YOU want mind you! - freak out and kill lots of people in very creative ways. Or not. But to what end? Are you like, trying to save the city from an alien invasion? Filming a movie? A hired thug working for money? What’s the deal?

If there is such a thing as universal karma, or justice in this world, no one. Then Running With Scissors will hopefully go away forever.

I regret that I’ve even read this, but in each area/level there is reported to be a set of goals (things like get milk from the store). They have touted the ability to wait in a long line to purchase the milk, but while they claim to be working on ways to resolve each goal peacefully, they are going out of their way to make that enormously irritating and boring. I suppose they expect this will encourage you to perform wild and senselessly brutal acts.

Not my kind of “free form role-playing,” personally.

RE: Augh… who will be playing Postal 2?

My hope is…no one.


Me. A) I like to support indie people
B) I like ‘rag doll’ physics
C) I like games where people don’t just start shooting at me cause I’m there
D) I want to encourage putting Gary Coleman in games
E) Looks like fun shrug

It’d be kind of cool if Gary Coleman’s head were impossible to kill, and it just kept trash talking you throughout the whole game. Then they could change the title to justifiable homicide…

I am so there.