August 5 Republican debate

Is there a video of this anywhere?

I just saw the clip of Ron Paul talking about the Iraq war being made on false pretenses, and how America should pull all the troops out, and Mitt Romney keeps interrupting with stupid stuff like “Has he forgotten about 9/11?” Mitt Romney: What a Tool. I can scarcely believe that guy is a serious candidate.

Boy, ABC News sure did a good job of hiding the videos. I had to wait for the headline banner to come and click the right one. There’s a few summaries and political analyst videos muddying up access to them. Searching just turned up the political analysts, not the debate.

Maybe you’ll have better luck with the search, otherwise hopefully the headline banner is still on there tomorrow. You might want to search “Candidates Debate” because that’s in the description text of each clip.

They seem to be slightly edited to cut out applause sometimes, but I’m unsure if that’s the only reason why. There’s some other pretty obvious edits.

I’m getting sick watching it. Supposedly not naming terrorists as Islamic fascism is an act of weakness according to Giulianni. He even got a political correctness dig in.


Romney - “Democracy is not defined by a vote.” Nice. Both Giulianni and McCain supported this view. I understand their point that democracy functions best in a stable environment, but that’s dangerous language they are using.

Well I think I’ve seen most of it. They chopped it up pretty poorly, so it’s hard to tell for sure.

Damn, I forgot about this and forgot to tape it. I guess the BitTorrent junkies aren’t politics watchers, I can’t find a download of it anywhere…

Yeah, Mitt Romney is a complete tool. He’s the John Kerry of Republicans, only without, you know, a heroic military record to compensate for his latterday wafflepander.

Care to elaborate?

Like Kerry, he gives the impression of not having a single conviction that wasn’t borne of polling. He governed as a moderate Republican in Mass., and has swung approximately somewhere to the right of Attila the Hun to pander to the Republican primaries.

Plus, if you just take him at his word, he sees nothing wrong with the current Administration save that they haven’t invaded enough random countries.

He’s a total toolbag for sure, but I can’t shake the feeling he’s going to win the nomination. He’s an overwhelming favorite to win the Iowa straw poll, which should buy him a lot of momentum, and he’s ahead in hypthetical polls in New Hampshire, generally a good indicator of who will be nominated. Donno, maybe it won’t pan out for him, but like I said, I can’t quite shake the feeling. All-in-all I’d view it as a good thing if he did get the nom, because he’d be easier for a democrat to defeat than, say, Giuliani.

Keep an eye here for the torrent.

Having watched it when it aired (not “live”, as ABC decided to do the same thing as the PBS Dem debate and not have it simulcasted live, the dicks), I must say it was overall pretty “meh”. It started of like an actually debate, with George bringing up comments about and from Romney and having the named candidates go at it, but after some fiesty talk from Paul, the ‘debate’ soon died back down into the “Q&A forum that’s more of a platform presentation” that we usually see.

Romney’s a prick, Guiliani’s an ass, Tancredo’s evil, McCain’s only bag is playing the heartstrings of the servicemen and women - really, mostly the same as before, and, apart for the beginning, probably the least-worthwhile debate to watch so far.

Also found a YouTube link, though it’s chopped up into 10-min pieces:

Yes, I am a political junkie, why do you ask?

I hope Romney wins the election, because the only thing the evangelical base hates worse than a pro-choicer is a Mormon.

Honestly, I think Ron Paul’s politics appeal more to Iowan sensibilities than any of the others.

As bad as Mitt Romney is, and he is horrendous, Rudy Giuliani is ten times worse. The guy has less brains and less ideas. He can only do one thing, over and over, and thats attack Democrats. His “health care plan” was the most ridiculous pile of bullshit I have ever seen. A machine built by GWB and Warren Harding couldn’t make a worse Presidential candidate.

I was a Giuliani fan until he actually started, you know, running for President. At this point literally none of the Republican candidates trip my trigger - I really have 2 core issues that a candidate HAS to be right on, the war and our civil liberties erosion. Right now the only Republican that meets those is Ron Paul. And Paul, while being right on those two, is nuttier than a pecan grove otherwise.

Sure hope those moderate Democrats get crankin’.

I see what you’re saying, but why can’t you use the term ISLAMIC FASCIST?


Point of order - the correct term is “islamofascist”, thank you.

Ron Paul for president in my opinion.


There seems a universal rule that the “fun bipartisan grassroots candidate” always ends up turning out to be a raving nutball.

I fully expect Ron Paul to show us that he is full of Pecans very soon.

Jeez, you just watch these Republican debates and start to long for the good ole’ days of Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon.

The only one up there that seems remotely sane is Ron Paul and even then you’d have to trust that if elected most of his insane ideas would be opposed by Congress. Of course, he doesn’t have a chance in hell, but it is refreshing to someone actually tell the truth of the matter.

His Colbert appearance is nutty enough. People are so deeply against the war now, the audience cheered any nutty thing he said. Colbert knew as much, so he made a list of government agencies and then asked Paul which agencies he would remove. People clapped for dismantling agencies like the FDA… or the EPA…