Aukey, Anker, TaoTronics, RavPower etc brands on Amazon:

My Aukey portable battery and cables from 6 years ago still have 90% charge. My friend just bricked the NIntendo Switch I sold him with a charger/AC adapter but that’s more on Nintendo being off-spec with USB-C standards.

It used to even be more blatant and they changed recently so the payola happens outside the Amazon payment system (ie Paypal refund)

I have children with iPads

I’ve got a couple of Anker chargers also, and they’ve been great. Had them for at least 2 years.

Also have an Aukey ethernet/usb adapter that I bought in 2018, and it’s been aces.

None that I can tell.

Clickbait thread title on Qt3. What will they think of next?!

The real reason will surprise you!

They don’t want you to know!

Anker has paid for reviews before. What the hell is wrong with you people?


Would be cool if the article you posted mentioned it then instead of arbitrarily including it out of speculation :-)

Aukey appears to be back on US but Mpow isn’t yet. Both are missing from

According to that article, these companies are being removed from Amazon for offering customers a gift card for a favorable Amazon review. I see this all the time from various companies. I’m glad Amazon is finally cracking down on it.

Agreed, that’s great!

(And Anker is still not actually affected here)

(so far)

I bought some free weights on Amazon and they sent me a postcard offering me $10 for a 5-star review.

Thing is, I’d already left them a 5-star review. :)

CHOETECH has now been purged too along with the rest of TaoTronics/Ravpower’s associated brands. CHOETECH reimbursed me for my wireless charger pad review.

I would take the money then amend the review to one star noting it was paid for.