Austin Powers in Goldmember

Saw it at a sneak preview last night. It has no plot, it’s completely absurd, totally foolish, and extremely inane. It’s also very, very funny.

It could be the best of the series so far, although it certainly does recycle a lot of jokes (the old shadows behind a sheet gag, for instance, provide one of the funniest parts of the movie) and runs itself into a brick wall on more then one occasion.

Still, the movie has enough absolutely hilarious moments and very clever bits that the humor, thankfully, wins out.

It’s certainly not a movie for everyone, but if you’ve been a fan of previous installments, you’ll have a very good time.

I’ve read both good and bad reviews of the flick. I’m trying to convince my wife to go see th 3:00 showing.


As have I, so I was understandably skeptical on my way in. There were moments of groaning, for sure - it’s an Austin Powers movie, after all - but it won me over. It won everyone in the theater over, as well, although that isn’t always the best indication of the quality of the movie.

Let’s just put it this way. It’s a shitty movie. All the Austin Powers movies are. If you go in there expecting “The Fast Runner,” you’re going to be disappointed.

It may not be genius, it may not be cinema, but it sure as hell is fun to watch. Certainly worthy of spending $8 to have a good time. Much, much more so then Men in Black 2.

Does he do that goddamn thing where he pretends to be walking down an escalator behind a couch again?

No escalator joke (SPIoLER!!!11!), but they do re-use almost every other joke from the series.

It’s a lousy movie that’s fun to watch. Pretty much like the second one, only “bigger” and “more” or “something”. Go, enjoy it, never think about it again. Matinee price is about right. The first Austion Powers is the only one I’ve found any repeat viewing value in.

I’d rather see Eight Legged Freaks again than Goldmember. Come on, does anyone outside of Third Grade find shit jokes funny? An old episode of Benny Hill is fresher than this stuff.

I thought the first two were pretty dang funny. And my wife loves them.

We’re both out of third grade, I’m pretty sure. :)

I really liked the first one; past that they’ve seemed to whore out into self-parody.

On the DVD for the first one, they have a deleted scene in an immaculate tract home in the suburbs where they show a evil henchman’s wife being informed he’s dead. It’s the one of the best bits of humor, and darkest, to ever come out of SNL; shame it’s not in the movie.

This was pretty much a bunch of jokes that you told your friends back in high school strung together with the same plot that was in the first and second movies.

Ugh. Just got back from it.

I did laugh. It had its moments – the best of them the (not going to spoil it) first five minutes.

But overall? The Wayne’s World 2 of Austin Powers movies.

Yes!! I love Wayne’s World 2!!