Australian Open 2013

Another start for the Tennis season. Last year was so great with a different player winning each of the slams, I feel like it’s wide open for everyone this year. In fact, I’m hoping even more players can get in on the act this year. Like maybe Tsonga breaking through, finally.

Djerk apparently won another marathon five set match yesterday to get into the Quarters. Did anyone catch that? Sadly I don’t have cable so there is no way for me to watch footage of Tennis this year except for what is shown on broadcast TV, and what I can squeeze in with visits to my parents’ house.

Tsonga, Federer, Murray are still in the hunt, though sadly Federer is scheduled to go up against Tsonga in the Quarters if they both win their 4th round matches.

A note about Nadal: he hasn’t played Tennis on the world stage since before he withdrew from the US Open. He says he had a stomach bug right before the Aussie Open. Hopefully we’ll see him back soon.

I saw a bit of the Djokovic match, but I accidentally heard he won before it came on so it was spoiled for me.

Wish I’d caught some of Djoker/Wawrinka. Sounds like it was epic. Fed is coming through his matches very cleanly and hitting very well, although he hasn’t been really tested yet. Tsonga should be a good challenge.

My parents are back in the country and will be reactivating their satellite TV. I hope it’s in time to record the upcoming Fed-Tsonga quarterfinal.

Serena tried everything she could to break the momentum of Sloane Stephens, I call gamesmanship. Also known as cheating. Sloane recovered and won the second set. I bet Serena tanks now.

I’ve never heard of Sloane Stephens. She beat Serena.

Federer vs Tsonga is still happening right now. Federer won the first and 3rd set that went to tie breakers. Fourth set is on server right now.

Fourth Set was won by Tsonga. Federer is up a break in the 5th set though, so it might be over. I wish I could watch. Stupid ESPN and cable companies and not being able to view matches online.

The top four seeds in the Men’s are in the semis now. I’m expecting a Djoker - Murray final.

This does not surprise me.

I read an article on her in the New Yorker after her victory.

Djerk absolutely destroyed Ferrer. Ferrer is no Nadal.

On the women’s side, Sharapova got beat by Lin Na and Stephens got beat by Azarenka.

Three semifinals today, and one left.

So Friday’s only main event is the Murray Federer semifinal? What a weird way to schedule a tournament. Good thing it’s Murray vs Federer, so it actually is worth the billing.

I apologize for that snarky ass post Rock8man, I was really pissed off about what I considered Serena faking an injury, thanks for being cool about it.

No problems robsam. I didn’t even realize you were trying to be a dick. :P

Such a great Federer-Murray match. I watched it with my Dad. (Don’t tell my wife!)

That fourth set where Federer was up a break and then Murray made that slow dramatic comeback? And then fended off Federer’s break points in that long marathon game at 4-5? And then broke Fed again to go and serve for the match? And then got broken again by Fed to send it to a tie breaker? Only to lose the tie breaker and force a fifth set?

Yeah, that fourth set was amazing. God, what great Tennis. I loooooove watching this Federer, up against the wall, coming up with such amazing tennis again and again. And I love that Murray had to earn every point, and I really hope he wins against Djerk in Sunday’s final.

I told my Dad to record the final, and then not watch it and ignore the news. I’ll do the same on Sunday, then when I get off work on Monday, I can go over to my parents’ and watch the match before my wife gets home from work, just like today, and she’ll be none the wiser. Sweeet. I love it when a plan comes together.