Authenticator requirement for Blizzard games?

D3’s always on DRM protects Blizzard from software piracy. It does not protect the end-user from anything. In fact, it makes being hacked an unable to play possible. I consider this a fail.

Don’t be such a luddite. Losing basic consumer rights and getting your shit hacked is the future of gaming. Either get on board or find a new hobby.

Too late.

Well there’s always GOG I guess…

I’m all over that GoG option, haven’t bought a new-new DRM up-your-arse game in a good few years, and see no reason to start. Luddite all the way in this brave new world of not-really-gaming-anymore.

Is Diablo III or StarCraft 2 on GoG? That’s awesome news if they are. If they aren’t on sale there, then I’m not sure why we’re talking about GoG in a thread specifically about Blizzard games.

Yeah, the off-line single player version.