Autism Survey Poll

Thought I’d save everyone the aggravation of reading everyone else’s scores as individual posts and consolidate them into ranges here.

Wow, that sounds very autistic when I re-read it.

I’m not sure you chose useful buckets. That makes me sad.

Yeah, WTF? I missed “Totally Non Autistic” by one measly point ;_;

I got a 17 and I resent getting lumped in with those mid 20s freaks.

Phew, first time I hit the normal regions of a Bell curve in one of these online tests. So far every one I had taken about every conceivable ailment had finished with a commiserate recommendation to seek help from a specialist in whatever malady was being tested.

No kidding, what’s up with that?

Wait, I’m not autistic, I’m retarded. I chose the wrong option :(
Err, yes, my mouse slipped, that was it.

Or maybe you were too busy making sure everything was aligned on your desk!

I went to take this test, and the first question was “I prefer to do things with others rather than on my own.” How can anyone give any kind of meaningful answer to that? Does it not heavily depend WHAT things?

The rest were the same. I ctrl-w’d in disgust.