Auto Assault: NetDevil does the right thing

Right on. This sounds more like the game everyone was expecting, rather than what was being served up in beta. I’m back on board now and will be grabbing this one the day it’s released.

I was surprised that NetDevil went the stats route since Jumpgate was never handled like that. This sounds like a good move.

Rather than ditching the RPG-stats, why didn’t they simply only make it a positive benfit and never negative. ie if you are dead-on in your aim, you hit. But if you miss-aim, but have a sharpshooter character, you might hit. The RPG-stat related degree of aim correction would be directly related to the level of the character’s “aim” score.

This would help both the reflex challenged, and those times when lag affects your aim.

I prefer a system where the stats affect the controls. E.g. if your reflex skill is low, you experience some lag between when your hand starts a turn and when your car actually begins to turn; a low aiming skill makes the crosshair weave drunkenly around the spot you’re aiming at, etc.

I don’t think there’s anything they could do that would make me interested in this game. But God bless them for trying.

How about a reticle that sizes based on RPG stats?

If only this applied to the entire game, and not just PvP, I might be interested. Alas, they seem to want to make EQ-with-cars when I want I76-online.

Ouch. Good call. I was assuming that, even though he said “PvP,” he really meant all combat. If there’s a different system for PvP and PvE that will really suck. Like you say, what most people want is I76 online.

It will still be EQ on skates.

Yeah, that’s really the big issue I have with the game. The car handling doesn’t really bother me as much, but the way the whole game structure feels like whacking mobs with a car-shaped avatar… ugh. No thanks.

I just don’t understand it. They had a chance to answer “yes!” to the eternal question, “Hey Stampede–how about some poetry?” Instead, they answered “not right now, thanks.”

I enjoy whacking mobs with a tauren-shaped avatar, so doing it with a car instead isn’t necessarily a deal breaker for me.

[I]Hot rubber eternally pressing
against a blackened pavement.

A wheel is forever;
a car is infinity, times four.

[I]I’m a storm torrent across a slate-grey sea
I rush in billowed reflections
of fast, fast dark skies
over an Edinburgh meadow’s wet.

I bolt, white hide,
through snowfall, cold.

I am lightning in the night.

I sprint, like fire across a matchhead,
and leap, over lakes of dreamstuff;
over walls - past armies -
fast as fast is.

Faster than quicksilver can fall into the sun,
I - bounding - prance unstoppable to you -
my all, my everything, dream.


In theory, it isn’t for me either. The problem in practice is I have a real hard time imagining anything doing the mob-whacking mold with more polish than WoW. And though it breaks my heart–I was delighted to get into the beta early on–from the time I’ve spent with the beta so far, it looks an awful lot like the developers of Auto Assault can’t really imagine that either.

Wow, you got that soooo right. I was hyped until I found it was EQ’ey. Man would I have lined up for I76 online.

I didn’t play in the beta, so I’m not clear on what you guys mean by “EQ’y.” Is it EQ’y because you zip around the countryside whacking wandering autos until you level, or is it EQ’y because of the combat style?

It’s EQy because you have 4 classes, fighter, thief, mage, cleric… Only the fighter class is powerful enough to press the gas pedal on the Security 6, or what have you. The cleric class “heals” other vehicles in combat, etc…

Bullshit genre cloning on a game that didn’t need it at all, in other words.

Ok, I see what you mean. Yuck.

I’m not sure that’s entirely fair. One of the core mechanics is that the slower you are moving, the easier it is for you to get hit. That seems like it will make the combat a lot different from your typical MMO where you walk up to a mob and whack it.

Full disclosure: I’m a designer for the Auto Assault Trading Card Game, so I actually hope the MMO does well. The hours that I’ve played as research have actually been really fun.