Auto Assault

Now that it’s out, anybody give this a shot? I like the idea of no elves and orcs, but wonder how fast this would get old.

I haven’t played since early beta, but the game is a lot less ‘auto combat’ and more ‘this car is a fighter, this one a mage, this one a cleric, and this one a rogue and you can cast heal on other cars’ type of disguise on the standard fantasy MMORPG. Unless I hear reports that later beta builds changed this considerably, I have zero desire to purchase this.

huh what?? they finally released this?

pretty much the splash it’s going to make sadly enough. Could be oh so cool. I loved AutoDuel way back on my Apple IIe. I tried AA beta and it it didn’t keep me wanting to come back to figure out more.

I really like running down crunchies but yeah…your character has wheels instead of pointy ears.

I dunno, for some reason I found myself coming back to the beta every few weeks. I’d play for a week, take a week or two break, and then come back. It was a nice change of base to run over squishies while firing rockets and spraying napalm all over the place.

I got into the beta, started it, got a black screen and unistalled.

Not the best tester I guess.

Your better then me , I got as far as seeing the huge download time and the slow speed of install and stopped there.

I thought the combat in this was more action-oriented - realtime and physics-based. Is that not true?

The driving model supposedly has some form of physics, but it’s only really apparent when you leave the ground. Combat is like most other MMO’s, fake realtime (realtime with built in delay between attacks).

Combat is certainly more action oriented than WoW/EQ2, but it’s still closer to either of those than Interstate '76.

I haven’t tried it recently, but from what I hear, they completely revamped the combat system towards the end of the beta. They made it more skill-based, less stats-based, and added in a TIE Fighter style power management (channel energy to weapons, engine, or shield-equivalent).

So I’m guessing I’ll get to install the free trial version after the launch crashes hard into the ground. :)

I’m downloading it now. There an Official QT3 server yet?

Yeah, that was a bug for the first day or so of the Beta, but they fixed it, and it ran after that.

Its no Car Wars®.

It felt like EQ with cars to me. I stopped playing the Beta when my friend drove up in a van, told me that he was a shaman-type class and began to ability “buff” my car.

I’ve been in the beta since Wave 4 (June 23, '05). I gave it a pass for a couple of months but got back into it in February and have been playing it ever since.

I find it more enjoyable now since the combat revamp and general makeover. It’s been taking up a lot of my time since the head start began. Let’s just say I’ve put Oblivion and Space Rangers 2 on the back burner.

FWIW, I’m more involved in the game now that my characters aren’t going to be wiped. The pre-order weapons are actually useful. They level up with your character. I have yet to find a front mounted weapon better than the pre-order. Whether that speaks to crummy drops or not…

Anyway, it’s in no way a WoW but it’s a fun game and I’m going to pick up my pre-order box on Friday so that I can enter my retail code. I’ll probably get a 3 or 6 month subscription, they come with bonuses to in game loot. Yeah, I don’t know if I’ll even be playing it in 6 months, but I’m guessing that I will.

The enjoyment factor is high enough, for me, that it will be the only MMO that I’m paying for right now. If I need armor and swords, I have Guild Wars. When the 13 year olds get me down, I have Oblivion. When I want to kill a six pack and blow shit up, I’ll have Auto Assault.

BTW, I’m on Carnage. My main is Discord, biomek mastermind. (The pet class)

Yeah, I loved AutoDuel on my friend’s Apple ][. And again as a DOS port a few years ago. Great fun despite the fact that I sucked at it and always got killed if I tried to fight on the road or went in the arena for anything other than amateur night. It’s too bad there hasn’t been a good Car Wars game since then. If those Russian guys made a game like SR2 but with cars, I would serioulsy need to change pants.

I read stuff like this and think “Thanks, but I already own WoW.” What a wasted opportunity this was.

No kidding. It reminds me of what someone (Something Awful?) said in a review of Galactic Battlegrounds. If this was a mod, I’d applaud the team of amateurs that made it.

Hearing the mentions of AutoDuel, why has no developer taken this idea again and brought it to the hungry masses? Seems to me there could be a few great ways to bring back the whole Car Wars type car building/strategy game but make it a real time car fighting type game…

  • Sandbox style, with on foot and in car missions and arena fights

  • RPG stat style

  • The original Car Wars was a turn based board game, why not? Doesn’t have to be an action title.

  • A strict arena battler, but with a robust car builder, and community functions built in to make it’s lobbys and spectator portions just as much a part of the experience.

People love to blow up things in games, and people seem to like racing games, why not create a great mix of the two that hasn’t quite ever been done.

I drove around a bit in the beta…actually got thru the tutorial…then I think some other game came out and I forgot about it. I think I stil have the beta on my hard drive.

My impression of AA before the beta began was that it was supposed to be a skill based combat system ala Jumpgate. Since some of the same people that worked on JG were working on AA I thought that was a good bet.

I was disappointed when I got my first taste of the game. As were a lot of beta testers. There were a lot of threads about it in the beginning.

I’d still like to see a game like that.