Auto Backup on a Mac network

I need to get an automated back-up going in our office- I have heard that Retrospect by Danz works pretty darn good- and is Mac friendly. Anyone tried it?

Is it compatible on an network with both Mac’s and PC’s? I am considering plopping an external HD on our network and backing up to that- but most important is the ablity to automate it-the level of computer skill and the desire to learn computer skills here are basically nil to non-existent so it really needs to be nothing more than “back up? yes or no”.

Our network is 1 Mac fileserver, 7 iMacs and 2 PC’s. PC compatible is not totally necessary but helpful.


Have you looked into unix-based solutions like rsync and the OSX front-end rsyncx?

I did now ;) Thanks

but I was kind of hoping for more simplicity… I kinda want each person to do it-- we only have 7 people… but i fear it will be all done by me.

Haven’t used Retrospect in years, but, as I recall, once it’s set up, it gets the job done relatively painlessly. Just need to train everyone to leave their 'puters on overnight. Looks like Retrospect Workgroup should do the trick for you – load it up on your server, and you should be able to back up 20 Mac and/or Windows clients to it automatically every night (if you load the client software on 'em, obviously).

rsync would certainly work, but it’s a lousy pick for a small company that doesn’t have multiple unix geeks around – if they guy who set it up leaves the company, they’ll have no way to do anything with their backups whatsoever.

good stuff- thanks guys