Auto-duplexer for HP inkjet printer

Since I like to print double sided I figured I might as well get an autoduplexer for convenient double sided printing. Anyone here have experience with these? Are they shit or do they actually work alright?

duplexers are shit for inkjet printers.

  1. you have to wait for the ink on one side to dry before printing on the opposite side. your print rate drops to about 2 pages per minute.

  2. it’s ink. it bleeds through the other side of the paper anyway and looks like crap.

we have one of these contraptions for the color inkjet dumbass IT gave us for our office printer. none of us ever use it. We’ll print 2-up, even 4-up, but we will never ever use the duplexer. It’s just too damn slow.

We’d rather haul ass up two flights of stairs to pickup our print outs from the duplex/stapling laser printers in the “main” office rather than use the duplexing on our inkjet. For a bunch of normally sedentary developers, that says a lot.

I have an HP 7400 connected wirelessly with built-in double sided printing. I have yet to see bleed-through, but some pages that have lots of color do wait to dry.

On the other hand, I don’t typically hover over the printer waiting for stuff to finish. But then, there are only two of us that share this particular unit.

However, the only experience I have with duplexing external accessories was the gizmo that came with an HP 970Cxi a few years back. It worked okay, but took forever. It makes the 7400 look like a speed demon by comparison.

I have a Canon IP4000r that has built in duplex printing. It’s slower, but like Case, I’ve never experienced bleed through and I use plain photocopier paper, not some fancy Canon stuff.

And sure it’s sloer, but I rarely nneed my prints RIGHT NOW and it’s still a very fast printer. In my testing experience duplex is fine with inkjets - if it’s built in. I have no experience with add on gizmos.