Auto-sell your hundreds of Steam items

I used “Steam Economy Enhancer” to automatically sell the 400 random old items in my Steam account. They sold for US$25, real dollars now in my Steam wallet.

It works via a browser script. You need Tampermonkey to run the script. I know the name sounds dodgy, but it is a common tool with 10 million downloads.

Then install this script: GitHub - Nuklon/Steam-Economy-Enhancer: Enhances the Steam Inventory and Steam Market.

The script adds new functions to your browser to list all items in your Steam inventory for sale. You need to log into your Steam account via the browser. After you do, browse to your inventory and you will see this:


Click “Sell All Items” and it will auto-list them all (hundreds and hundreds, if you have that many) by checking the current market price for the item and then listing it for that value. This takes a little while. If you have two-factor or other Steam security measures turned on, you may need to check the Steam app on your device and then check them via “Confirmations”.

You can confirm it worked properly by checking the Steam Marketplace, also via your browser. You will now see this:

You can tell it worked if you see a lot of things listed for sale. :-) If not, check your Confirmations on the Steam app on your phone. If not, check to make sure Tampermonkey is working. Or ask here.

It takes a while for all of these sell orders to turn into sales. You should notice the sale confirmations flowing in via email within a day. They will trickle in over time. If they slow down, go back into the browser Market and “Select All” then “Remove Selected” and then re-list then. That’s because maybe the market prices changed and your listed prices are not good. (Or use “Relist Overpriced” button.)

It took me a few clicks to set up. I had to click a few Confirmations (which is easy via the phone). I had to re-list old items two times (over two months). That was maybe 15 minutes of work, total. But now I have only 50 items left and my Steam wallet has +$25.

I assume you people also have a lot of items in your Steam inventory. :-)

PS: Apologies if this sounds like some horrible scam, it is not. Tampermonkey is a well known tool, and this script is open-source and widely used. Here is another public reference to this script.

Ha! I wish had hundreds of Steam items. Sadly, you have to actually install and play games to get items, not just buy them.

Thank you. I never pay attention to Steam items. I may have hundreds, if not thousands.

Oh man, I religiously sell them as they pop up! This sounds amazing though.

If you have a ton of games chances are you have a ton of trading cards that you just haven’t unlocked. There’s a program called Archi Steam Farm that will “idle” your games until you’ve unlocked every card you can. It takes about 3 hours per game to unlock all the cards, so you can do the math as to how long it will take for your library, but it doesn’t really use any computing power.

I used ASF for my 612~ game library and in the end I wound up with about $60 give or take, so that should give you a rough estimate on how much you can expect based on your library size. Of course not every game has Steam cards.

I did not have this auto-sell script though, so I had to list the items manually (per game at least, thankfully, and not per card). It was a lot of tedious clicking.

Thanks so much for this, I have nearly 800 items and this will definitely help get rid of them all.

Yeah this is chugging along nicely.


Neato. :)

And thanks. Imma try it out this weekend.

Can someone please,

DEFINE: Steam item

Is it mostly cards?

Can be anything I’d guess, mostly cards, but all your emotes and background and such. I wouldnt do that.

Yeah okay.

So purge your steam account of steam event awards + cards for cash!?

Definitely weird though, but I suppose lots of people have an “embarrassment of riches” they don’t use, but is it all are nothing? I would need it to be targeted.

In any case; smells to high heaven!

you can select items in the interface, and just sell those as batch too, there are quite many options. nifty script.

Hundreds? You guys are slacking.

In my case it seems to be stuck on 875/895 and has been for a while. If I kill it will the ones already processed be put up for sale, or do I have to start over?

Same, they were all ready for sale and awaiting confirmation.

Selling my cards now. Super easy. Barely an inconvenience. Well, til we all get our accounts and hundreds of games banorzed.

Wowwowwow. Wow.

only problem is, steam sent me a bunch of emails asking me: “To post this listing on the Community Market, confirm the item and price and select “Create Listing” below.” a huge bunch.

I was able to confirm them on my phone using the Steam app. Still a pain, but not as much of one.

I listed 352 things which I would make $26.14 from if they all sold!

Selling old Steam shit is tight!

Is there a trick to this? I just downloaded the ios Steam app. I can see all my stuff (so far) under a massive list that is ‘awaiting confirmation’. But I can’t see how to actually confirm the listing. I even tried via the giant email chain that is still building but those links don’t seem to work.