Auto-sell your hundreds of Steam items

Woohoo, nearly 4€ so far!

Thankyou! Amazed at how easy this was, I had 200+ items sitting in my inventory just wasting space because I couldn’t bothered selling them all individually.

Decided to try this, even though I do not have that many items in my inventory. Indeed very (very!) easy to install, and works perfectly! Now all I need to do is think about what I will buy from the predicted profits (a whopping €2,25…)

I still have to wait for a few more days or so to get 250 of my items out of ‘hold’. I think. It’s not super clear, and I have the 2 factor auth thing which should mean I didn’t have to have anything on hold. Maybe. Oh well. Got my $2.43 from my first 50 or so that went thru and didn’t get held.

If I understood it correctly, the account needed 2fa enabled for 7 days prior to the listings happening for there not to be a hold. I now have 325 items sitting and waiting for Oct 22.

Where do you see that? I’ve been trying to find the status of these things.

On the website, community → market shows me how long my items are on hold.

Then there was this bit in a page explaining the holds:


Weird, not seeing that at all, and even though I have hundreds of items only 11 are listed. I wonder if something is up.

That would make sense as to why my stuff went to the holding cell then. Not a huge deal for me so I’ll wait til I can relist the stuff. And get my whole $15 worth of items sold. Hehe

Do you use Steam app on phone? If so, check “Confirmations” and click the items in the queue.

Huh, nothing to confirm.

So, who is buying all of these things?

I’ve had t he same issue, and I’ve tried 4 or 5 times. Do you use a VPN? Because mine sometimes interferes with the functionality of some websites, and I’ve been thinking of trying one more time with it disconnected.

I’ve made about 45 bucks doing this so far. Kind of nuts.

No VPN here. Not sure what’s going on honestly.

Whales who like cosmetics.
Not sure if joking of if I should be ashamed :/

There were a couple cards I would have wanted to trade for, to complete the set, but I don’t think I can be convinced to buy and sell cards.

I just installed but can’t tell if it is working, the steam page only shows items I put up for sale in June.

I only have about 200 items, not sure this is worth it…

Are there still idler programs to extract cards and whatnot from your unplayed games?

Archi Steam Farm is the gold standard there:

though be aware it’ll completely wreck your “time played” numbers.