Auto shut-down and start-up?

So anyone have a pointer to software that will automatically shut down my PC overnight and then turn it on before I get home? I generally leave my computer on all the time, but am more and more conscious of the wasted energy.

I use this. Simple, but it works.

EDIT: I missed that you wanted software to startup…obviously this doesn’t, though I can’t see how you could start up your computer through software if it’s shutdown. Maybe I’m wrong.

Some Bios’s used to do it. I dunno about anymore though.

What’s the problem with doing it manually?

That’s 15 seconds of his life he’ll never get back!

Do you have any other network-capable devices near that machine? If you do, Wake on LAN is the simplest (and possibly the only) way to start up automatically like that. WikiPedia links to a bunch of free utilities. Perhaps your BIOS PM has some kind of scheduling built in, but I’ve never seen or heard of that (for the PC - I think Macs have something).

Edit: Or you could implement it in your OS and utilize hibernation. At least you’re still using less power.

There isn’t really a software startup. I think you can do it with some BIOS. Also, there’s Wake On LAN. This usually doesn’t require any extra software, but you will need a router.

I was thinking along the same lines. Then you mentioned the router - wonder if any routers have a “ping computer at X time” feature?

15 seconds to what, get past all the bios/raid junk and to the boot loader? I swear, you’d think with these fancy 2 GHz computers they would start up in just a few seconds, but no, they must not get faster or people wouldn’t upgrade!

No need, just set up a port mapping on your router to always go to your computer IP (by mac address I guess), then send the special Wake Up packet as described at the aforementioned site. Oh, and of course set up a script in cron or task scheduler to execute the program that sends the wakeup packet.

There was an article about this in the paper about it last week:

Alternately, if you’re using Windows, doesn’t it come with some built-in power-saving options?

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Well, depends on the bios. Some are pretty quick with default settings. Most can be made to boot fast if you don’t mind tweaking settings. Since XP, though, booting is overall fast enough that it hasn’t bothered me in a long while. And as far as switching the system off goes, it seems like just pressing the power button and walking away is easy enough.

Yep, exactly. You need a router because normally the computer’s IP won’t point to its hardware address unless it’s turned on. Though the CRON thing will only work if you’re lucky enough to have access to a separate computer with CRON on it. I think there are firmwares out there that can make your router do scheduled tasks.

Also, if you’re REALLY interested in power saving, check out Solar PC’s products. They aren’t too very fast, but their power consumption is ridiculously low and they’re pretty cheap.

I was wondering about this. Couldn’t you just use Hibernate? I’m sure it’s not as good, but…