Automotive hail damage

Say I have a $500 deductible. If it turns out that it will cost $600 to repair the hail damage I received today, should I get my insurance company involved at all? What about $700? $1000?

In other words, how far beyond a deductible does damage have to be before it make sense to file an insurance claim?

I guess in one way it really depends on how much extra you’re willing to not ever see to fix the damage. Probably $100-$200 would be my breaking point but I’ve never fixed hail damage before (lucky in this state I know).

Also lucky, I had my Element parked in the garage here this afternoon after the lunch crowd went out as I went to get a haircut. We were getting dime- to quarter-sized hail around 5 or so? Something like that. And it was friggin 100 three days ago. Sheesh.

Sorry to hear you got some damage though :(

— Alan

Thanks. Serves me right for not checking the forecast before cycling to work this morning.