Avadon 1 and 2 or Baldur's Gate Enhanced 1 & 2

I’m trying to prioritize the backlog so I’m less indecisive when deciding what to play next. I played and enjoyed both Baldur’s Gates back in the day and own the enhanced edition of both. I also have Avadon 1 and 2 in the backlog and haven’t played them. Any suggestions as to which ones to prioritize to play first? They are all time consuming and I have a lot of other genres competing for attention. Thanks.

The first Avadon is really good and I would definitely recommend it over replaying games you’ve basically already played. BGII is one of the best games ever, of course, but as far as I am aware the Enhanced Editions don’t add so much to either that they’d qualify as new games. That’s assuming the new stuff is even any good, which I’ve heard mixed reports on. I assume Avadon 2 is also good but have yet to play it.

The other thing is the combat experience. If the RTWP system employed by BG is going to irk you these days, then Avadon may be the better choice as it is entirely TB.

Probably this - except the fact they are both RPG’s, very different games. I’d vote a replay of BG myself, over Avadon - I had a hard time getting into those games, for whatever reason.

Maybe I’ll start with Avadon 1 and play it by ear after that. If I love it I’ll go to Avadon 2 . If it’s only OK or worse I’ll go to BG 1. Thanks for the input.

We have a strange way of quoting in this thread.

Wacky, right? :)

If it affects your decision any --That NEW Avadon will be out by year end … I’ll see if I can hunt up a stat for release but I think I am right. That is a LOT of roleplaying game for your money – though BG2 plus expansion is pretty fricken’ good. I mean --In my opinion. I think that what is “new” in the enhanced versions probably did affect BG1 more than 2 so yeah --if you finished em back in the day … course, you DO have that filler game “Siege of Dragonspear” in the middle (is that right?) now, but I haven’t heard great things about it. And I am NOT talking about any silly dialogue controversy.

Avadon 2 is one of the Steam weekly deals for $3, BTW. Not the first one or any of the other Spiderweb games, though. Just 2.