Available Mgs 3 LE copies?

Has anyone been able to get a copy of it on release? I preordered last week from eb and they still haven’t gotten a copy or know when they’re getting in. Can’t get much help from the website as neither gamestop or eb has any info on the Le edition.

Didn’t get it myself, but a guy at a local EB picked up his reserved copy while I was there yesterday. Retailers were supposed to stop taking pre-orders for it about three weeks ago, so if you pre-ordered just last week I doubt you’ll actually get one. From the sound of things it’s a very limited edition.

Well that’s just it, they didn’t receive any copies of it, not even for anyone who preordered it. Also I know the people their so they’re going hold one for me, if they ever get one in.

My Gamestop only received 2 copies, both for preorders. Thankfully I was one of them.