Avalon Digital Bringing War and Peace to the Digital World

Mark McLaughlin’s boardgame on the campaigns of Napoleon is being brought out in a digital version by Avalon Digital:


More, as I learn more.

As an aside, Mark is a friend part of a month gaming group I attend.

Great! He is participating in the alpha testing.

Does Avalon Hill (Hasbro) own the rights to all their old board games?

No. Some reverted to the designers.

Here is the just released trailer:

Ooo and it’s going to be on Steam! Do want!

I really liked the board game when it came out. Still have two copies (had three, we were trying double-blind lol). Haven’t played in years, though just yesterday I was eyeballing copies of the 5th/6th edition revamp… pricey.

Hope they do a good job on this, fingers crossed.

Mark McLaughlin, the original designer, has been involved in playtesting the digital version since the inception of the project which I think is a hopeful sign.

Interview with Mark McLaughlin:

Steam page for War and Peace:

I love the “This game will unlock in approximately 10 months.” Heh.

I was dismayed by that. I believe there is going to be a kickstarter soon, hopefully with a demo. No promises, but the game seems to be coming together quickly. I hope that SSG will release it sooner than Steam indicates.

Kickstarter going live on October 14.

The Kickstarter is live. There is an Alpha demo of the 1796 campaign, albeit without AI yet. The demo also grants access to the tutorials.


That was quick. Funding has been achieved.

Backed. Looking forward to playing it.

Kickstarter has three days to go. I have backed it at the General rate so I will be participating in the private beta. More details after that begins.


War and Peace, the digital version of the old Avalon Hill classic, is coming out in early access on August 24 on Steam. About half the scenarios currently have AI, and the Grand Campaign has no AI, but with rules enforcement it still makes a good single player experience. All the scenarios will eventually have AI by next year. So will the Grand Campaign, but that is probably a long term project. The game is looking sweet. Scratches the strategic Napoleonic itch.

I guess they are hoping the Ridley Scott film helps sales!