Avalon Hill's Super Sunday for Apple II Plus...Help

I LOVED this game in high school and college, I’m trying to find it online (I just want to download an emulator), so far the only thing I have found to download is the ugly original version for the C64, with the fancy pants colors, the Apple II version players were green…unless I used my other monitor, in which they were all white, and now I’ll be accused of being a racist.

Anyway, the C64 download is (A) From a site I do NOT want to trust with a credit card for 5.95, and (B) I don’t think Avalon Hill will recieve any of that money anyway. Anyone know how to find a free download for the Apple version, or a reputable site that I can buy it from?


If you start searching for this, you will stumble across many other titles and take a trip down memory lane and forget how bad those games were compared to todays…and that may be a good thing…

Check your PM